Chapter 5: 'Do your detective thing'

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*Dedicated to krazydiamond because her book 'Madhouse: Lunacy' explored my kind of crazy, haha*

James opened his eyes and looked out the car window. They had been driving in awkward silence, both of them lost in thought. Detective Monroe broke the silence and said uneasily,

'So you see peoples sins..... you've seen all the bad things that I've done?'

James nodded and the detective asked, 'How the hell can you sit next to me then?'

James smiled a weak smile and answered, 'You have made mistakes detective, but you've always tried to make up for them. You feel guilty for your sins and this makes you a better man than most. You might not feel it but you are on the road to your redemption.'

Detective Monroe smiled and said,' We are here.'

They got out the car and walked to the trailer. James could feel the darkness building up as he got closer. He stopped and said, 'The darkness is already building. Inside the house it could overwhelm me as it did earlier at the station. I need you to get me water and wait outside for me. If you here me scream don't come, not until I scream for you. I will shout your name and you will come but not before that. Your own sin could interfere the darkness. Do you understand?'

The detective looked puzzled and weary but nodded. He got a glass of water and stood outside looking at James. James nodded and walked in slowly, closing the trailer door behind him.

The room grew cold and the darkness built up, shadows crawling from every dark corner forming images that rushed into James mind. Everything came all out once, images broken and out of sequence. Roy Smith standing looking at his bruises in the mirror, a body lying on the floor in a pool of blood disfigured and dismembered. Roy's hands curling into a fist and then his hand holding his fathers heart. James fell to his knees as his heart rate sped up and the darkness filled his mind with continuous screams of 'Father!' sometimes in a young child's voice and sometimes in a cold harsh voice. Flashes of blonde hair, a white dress, hysterical laughter and a young man lying curled up next to the dead girls body and darkness. Pitch black void of nothingness. Then every image again all at once.

James cried out loud for the detective that came running in. James was curled in the fetal position on the floor, tears running down his face and his whole body in a cold sweat.

The detective helped him to a seated position and gave him the water. James gulped the water down spluttered then said through exasperated breathes, 'Get me out of here now.'

Once he managed to control his breathing and his heartbeat slowed down to its normal pace, James looked at the detective and said, 'Through the perversions of the wicked, the sins of the broken, the blood of the innocent and the pure stained shall the darkness rise and feed off the evil of the world.'

Detective Monroe looked at James bewildered then pulled over the car to the side of the road, switching off the engine then saying, 'What the hell?'

James looked out of the window and continued, 'The shadow beast, demon of darkness.

It takes a specific set of conditions to unleash one. First of all, the people involved have no knowledge of shadow beasts. Its something that shouldn't be not something that can be summoned. An innocent must be tortured and through the torture she must go against her nature.'

'In our case the girl was sixteen blonde and wore a white dress. The killer made her feel burning rage and intense hatred. Feelings she hadn't felt before.  Also it was her sixteenth birthday. This happened two nights days ago. This is why I need you, well one of the reasons. You need to do your detective thing and find who the girl is.'

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