Chapter 4

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We all sat down on the lounges in Kittys still swag living room.
"I just can't believe you fucked a 20 year old man that was supposed to be fictional" Crackers remarked, but she had the most amused face
"BUT IN MY HOUSE!" Kitty shouted at me, I kept silent, "now i'll probably have to clean those bedsheets because of your dirty ass mind, its not even my b e d r o o m" She continued
"I'm disgusted but amused" Christian told us. Crackers amused, Christian disgusted, and Kitty lecturing me as I sat. I couldn't even comprehend what they were all saying from all the noise since they were all talking to me
"My ass hurts" I blurted out in the middle of nowhere
"MILO!!!!!!" Kitty yelled at me, "whYYYYY!!! ASDFGHJKJYTHGNJUGVNETUIFHNGUIBENUFDBG" Kitty started to hypreventalate
"Should we call the ambulance?" Christian questioned
"Nah, shes gonna be fine...I think?" Crackers answered Christian
"My ass hurts, so yes, please" Crackers and Christian looked at me shaking their heads. Kitty stopped, getting up, gripping her hands around my neck
"I WIll chOKe yOU IF YoU CONtinUE" I sweated, having a deathly smile
"But i'm just saying, my as-" She grabbed me and threw me across the room
"DIE!!!!!" Crackers and Christian went concerned, I don't know who for though, was it for me hitting against the wall, with accidentally knocking a pot and hitting my head, or for Kitty who was in rage, I don't know, they can choose in this story. I blanked out for a minute.

"Is he dead?" Christian asked, Kitty stood there
"I sure hope so.." Christian and Crackers started at Kitty with intensified expressions
"KITTY!!!" They both yelled. Soon enough I woke up and sat up, they were all fighting, I touched my head, looking at my hand that had blood on it. Then I looked at them as I bled from the head
"Is this the end of our crackhead friendship..?" I whispered to myself. I got bored, thinking in deep thoughts, then lied down. I closed my eyes tiredly.
"OKAY! I'm sorry...This just isn't a normal thing for Milo to do"
"Have you seen his crackhead dick jokes?" Crackers asked. They all looked at me, and I looked back at them
"Are you done?" I questioned them. They all just looked at me concerned as I bled from my head. I lay there still
"I think i'm dying.....heh heh" I laughed slightly
"Are you????" Christian asked, I shook my head, standing up.
"Everything's just loopy" Crackers picked me up, making me sit on the lounge.

"Now tell me Milo. What's it like to have sex?"
"It feels weird, I mean like in the ass-"
"The fuck?" Christian blurted out as he listened.
"OKAY! Lets just get our minds off of it" Kitty suggested "We were supposed to have a good time, and we already did ruin it. Plus this is the first time my parents are gone for once and we can do our own shit" We all nodded our heads, going silent.

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