Chapter Nineteen

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The next few days, we decided to go back home to Vegas. Gracie was excited and so was I. Nancy had texted Zak about all the furniture we bought finally being delivered. He was questioning why so soon, but I wanted to be ready. When we stepped through the front door, Gracie ran to her toys and I walked to the bed and laid down. Zak was laughing at me.

"Shut up! It's hard being pregnant!"
"I know," he whispered as he kissed my shoulder.
"S-stop," I whispered.
"Turns you on?"
"So bad," I whimpered into a pillow.

As he laughed, he cuddled up next to me and held me close. I wanted this forever. Gracie jumped up and started attacking Zak with kisses. I couldn't ask for anything more perfect.


I woke the next morning to find Mandy still sleeping. Smiling, I kissed her forehead and gently crept out of bed. Gracie was still by her side and didn't dare move. Walking into my kitchen, I see that I left my phone on the counter and that it was dead.

"Shit," I whispered.

Plugging my phone up in the plug in in the kitchen, I grabbed something small from the fridge and turned on the tv to a quiet volume. The situation between Holly and I died down which I was happy about. Mandy had been upset about it so many times thinking it was real. Speaking of, maybe I should check on her.

Turning the tv off, I return to her and found her asleep. Gracie was curled up next to her while Mandy's arm was over Gracie as if she was holding her. God, this was perfect. Gracie woke a little and wagged her tail vigorously. She probably needed to go outside.

I left the room as Gracie followed closely. When I opened the back door, she ran out and did what she needed to do. I was still nervous. Was I going to be a good father? The anxiety of a baby on the way might of gotten to me. I continued to worry if I was going to be a good father or not.

I even worried for Mandy.

A lot of paparazzi was following close behind her and I couldn't - it scared me. I wanted to lock Mandy and I in this house and set up a security system, but there was a problem. Mandy would hate me for that even when she knew it was good intentions. Gracie trotted to me with her ball, begging me to throw it. Grabbing it, I threw it as the doors opened.

"Zak, What are you doing out here?" Mandy groaned.
"Gracie had to potty," I told her.

She sits next to me as he clung onto my arm. Mandy was exhausted, but I knew she had woken up for two reasons. Baby kicked too hard or she had to pee.

"Babe, can we stay home?" She asked.
"Why's that?"
"I'm scared of leaving the house," she admitted. "These paparazzi idiots are out to get me and I just don't feel safe anywhere except here."

I kissed her head. It was weird how I was thinking about that and she now said it. I only wanted her comfortable and safe. If this is what she wants, I'll do anything.

Authors Note:

Hi! I'm sorry it's short, but I needed to update this for you guys!! Thank you for the support on this story!!


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