Jesus! Kung pwedeng mag skip sa pagligo baka iyon na ang ginawa ni Zandro. The mere thought of Tina showing herself in front of him wrapped only in white towel and presumably without undergarments made her libido spiked like a rocket launched in the air.

Now, as he gazed at his naked reflection in the bathroom mirror, the head of his engorged cock pointing a little upwards from the horizontal and with Tina in his mind like a seductive afterimage he can’t erase, he was trying his best not to touch his shaft to avoid premature ejaculation and spoil all the things he wants to do.

Zandro started shaving his facial hairs with Raphael’s razor he found on the hanging cabinet. The three-day stubbles is the least he needed. He don’t want to irritate Tina’s most sensitive part at all if she would beg for what he has in his dirty fucking mind.

He is not expecting a fellatio from Tina or even a slight kiss of her lips and licks from her tongue at the tip of his manhood but he tried trimming his pubes until the amount of thin blond hairs was neat-looking and made his eight inch shaft looks longer and thicker than it was. He hopes Tina’s past men were equally well endowed as he was so there will be no problem freaking her out and change her mind.

Nagsasabon na si Zandro ng buong katawan sa ilalim ng shower nang maisip niya kung tama ba itong gagawin niya. Not that he and Tina were totally strangers like most men and women engaging in one night stand sex encounters, they knew each other for long. Tina was his childhood friend and his teen’s unfinished sexual fantasy. May panahon pa nga na mas higit pa sa magkaibigan ang turing niya sa kababata subalit…

Zandro interrupted her mind off of the unhappy memories and tried to put back his focus at the present. He seduced Tina and drove her to accept that making love to him is all she ever wanted at the moment.

Then he thought, with Tina’s current dilemma, she needs to be soothed and comforted and he can give that to her if she agreed having sex with him. During sex the body releases oxytocin, a hormone like a natural sedative reducing stress responses, including anxiety which she needs and that would only be possible if Tina will make love to him.

Make love. Two words he used and told Tina but Zandro is afraid to dig deeper about what that precisely means to him at the moment.


Seryoso ba talaga siya in taking Zandro’s offer to make love to him? Iyon ang tanong ni Tina sa sarili habang nakaupo sa kaliwang sulok ng malambot na sofa malapit sa armrest, legs crossed, left leg on top of the other and one hand touching the towel where it lapped above her breasts.

Tama ba itong gustong gawin ng katawan niya? May asawang tao si Zandro, kasal ito kay Mona. Pero hindi ba’t open-minded naman pareho ang mag-asawa? Hindi ba’t ganoon na rin naman siya somehow nang malaman na may-asawa pala si William at may nangyari pa rin sa kanila bago umuwi ng Pilipinas ang lalaki? Hindi naman siya naghabol, wala siyang sinirang pamilya at base naman kay Zandro, walang problema ang ginagawa nito sleeping with other girls. Hindi ba’t right at this very moment Mona is sleeping together with Lukas and another woman?

Sa matagal na panahon, hindi nawala sa isip niya si Zandro. Si Zandro lang ang kaisa-isang lalaking naging espesyal sa kaniya. Pangit mang sabihin pero dahil sa kagustuhan niyang kalimutan si Zandro kaya lang siya nakipag-relasyon kay William sa Italy. A relationship brewed from desolation that was centered on the satisfaction of each other’s sexual needs.

Zandro is now within her reach. Making love to him, as he said at least will help her forget everything that is happening to her, even for a little time. Kahit saglit lang pasayahin naman niya ang sarili niya. The term itself ‘make love’ instead of ‘do sex’ made a part of her giggled with joy.

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