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Before you get all annoyed saying "What do the characters look like?" I specifically left that out so that you can use something called 'imagination'. I know you probably haven't heard of it (lol jokes) but make it up. And that's an order, soldier!!



Life... so vast, so great yet so mean, and death, death so cunning he could flip a coin and it would always land his way. He does not need anyone but collects the souls steadily... so why does he take our dead and make them his children? They will feed on us, death says, and then we will become what they are.

But life has its own way of working things out. I belong to an elite group called ARK and we are dedicated to finding and killing the children of death. Their rotting flesh will burn once we catch them, but they are more dangerous than anything on this world, but we cannot say that they are OF this world... for you see, they are no longer men or women, they are what you might call...


They crawl in the night, feasting on flesh and devouring all in their path. Actually, I wrote a poem about them. It goes:

Zombies, zombies

Oh I hate you.

Zombies zombies

Mankinds rue.

Zombies zombies

You will eat us all.

Zombies zombies

Mess with me and I'll shoot your head off, feed some of your bones to my dog and dance on your grave singing "Hallejujah!"

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