Untitled Part 5

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Jorge's PoV (should I do a Benji one next time?)

Annoyed I rolled my eyes. "Nothing, nothing. It's just we think Jorge here has a crush on you funny, right?" Addy said fastly. I looked up in anger: "What the hell?! No I don't. I don't even like him." 

The hole table is looking at me in silence. Till Chase spoke: "Wow rude that much. You don't know him." "Actually", Benji and I started at the same time to speak, so I stopped and let him continue: "Yeah Jorge and I know each other. Jey is my soon to be stepbrother." 

I slightly cringed at that nickname. Syd laughed: "I see a real chemistry there." Benji smiled and throw his arm around me: "He will come around eventually." Addy just shook her head slightly: "Anyways Benji I made this cupcake for you." she said as she handed Benji the dessert. 

"Liar, you just bought it." said a new boy who took the last seat at the table. "Stop exposing me Cayman." she hushed flustered. "Anyways it's really good Addy. Thank you." he said after he took his first bite. Looking at the food I felt hungry. 

Because the morning was so rushed I forgot to ask my mum for money or lunch. My pride denied me to ask someone to share. Skipping one meal won't be that bad. I'll survive. My soon to be stepbrother must have noticed since I kinda spaced out looking at the food. 

He hold the desert in front of me and said: "here, take the rest." I shook my head but he still waited for me to take it. So I stopped resisting and took my first bite, while I felt Addys glare. "So who is Benjis new boyfriend?" Cayman asked curiously.

Addy hit his shoulder: "That's not his boyfriend, it's his brother Jorge." Benji placed his hand on my inner thigh: "We aren't related. Our parents have not married yet, we could still marry or something." 

"Eww", I shoved Benji's hand off my lap and shift closer to Noen, "that's a weird thing to say." He just shrug his shoulders while counting eating. "Do you want my Cheetos. I'm full." Noen said pushing mentioned package in my direction. 

I smiled softly "Thanks, you're sweet." It felt kinda of like I'm a charity case but I was so hungry. "So how do you like the school" Syd asked breaking the silence. "Well, it's cool. But it's different. Here I only have 5 classes, used to have like 12. Science is is really fun and I have the class with Noen. Also I have advanced math, which is horrible. At my old school it was the reason why I almost didn't passed and now it's way harder here."

"Benji has also advanced math. He is kinda a genius, he already won some national competitions." Addy said proudly. I looked surprised at Benji: "He's smart? I always thought he was more of this high school jock typ"

"I mean that's not wrong. He is captain of the ice hockey team. That's actually how we know each other, just he is really smart too." Noen said slyly.  My jaw slightly dropped and I looked dreamy between Noen and Benji: "You play ice hockey? That's so hot, I mean cool." 

Both their cheeks turned pink. 

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