Sparks Will Fly 3

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Hey I changed a little from the last chapter, his arms are on fire instead of flaming wings. Please Vote, comment and Fan!

The man frowned a bit at my reaction. I quickly scrambled back, not wanting to catch on fire.

"You're on fire!" I yelled at him. A little obvious I thought, why wasn't he rolling on the ground? Hadn't he heard of Stop, drop and roll? He looked down as if just noticing.

"Oh yeah, sorry." He shook his arms a little and the flames extinguished, pleased he looked up at me expectantly. I just shook my head muttered thanks and ran off. What the heck was that about? I weaved through the crowded sidewalks, putting some distance between me and fire man. I was so focused on getting away I didn't notice when I ran into another person. Why was I being so clumsy today?

"Oh I'm so sorry." I said looking up at her. And for the second time I screamed. The woman had flickering flame patterns covering her skin from head to toe. Amazingly her long flowy white dress had not caught on fire.

"Oh it's quite alright, but I don't appreciate the screaming." She replied with a wince.

My mouth closed with a pop and I resumed running. Did I drink spoiled milk this morning? I stopped on the corner of the sidewalk and pressed the crossing button. I leaned over, panting from my unexpected morning run. I looked up to see more flame creatures watching me from across the street. They were only a foot high and had delicate wings of flame. By this time I was done screaming so I just blinked.

I crossed the street, ignoring a bunch of honking cars and yelling drivers. I spun around a little panicked. I searched for any more creatures that might be lurking nearby. My gaze was caught by a girl a who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen. She was crouching in an ally, cascading light brown hair flowed down her shoulders her eyes were the palest blue, her eyelashes and hair crusted with frost. She stared at me her gaze was haunting and tormented. She looked hurt and disgusted.

I flinched back from her glare and backed away feeling threatened though she was still all the way across the intersection. She smiled cruelly at my fear and jerked her chin towards me. This must have been some sort of signal because two men, they looked liked guards from the look of their icy swords started to make their way towards me, their pale complexions blending into the icy background. I quickly looked around to see of anyone looked alarmed. No one seemed to even see them, or me. Knowing I probably wouldn't be able to depend on the people around me I started sprinting away.

Oh, gosh I needed to start running because I had a serious stitch in my side. The two men pursued with an inhuman speed and grace. They easily jumped over speeding cars and dodged through crowds wihtout even a backwards glance.

"HELP!" I screamed knowing no one would though, "Somebody help me!" I glanced back to see them nearly on me. No one even looked twice, their gaze sliding past 'me.

I was about to give up when I ran into someone for the third time today. I looked up afraid to see another one of the creepy guards, instead I was surprised to see Dan there looking furious. He grabbed my wrists and spun me behind him. He hissed and the guards slowed to a stop.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked, venom dripping in each word.

"She needs to be under control." A cold voice answered. Dan's head whipped around and I peered behind his back to see the haunted girl from before. She was even sadder looking up close. Her eyes were wild and unfocused, though her tone had been calm. I saw red scratches covering her arms and tears in her dress.

"I've got her under control." He answered with anger. "There was no need for your interference." She raised an eyebrow.

"I can take her, I miss the company." She crooned as if to a baby. This fifteen year old girl was saying she needed to take care of me, nearly twenty.

"You're company is never wanted." Dan gave her one last glare and started walking away, grabbing my wrist and jerking me after him. I stole one last look backward to see the girl staring at Dan with a look of torment and loneliness. Her expression hardened and with an animal cry she grabbed the nearest guard's sword and stabbed him in the stomach. I gasped as I watched ice envelop him, freezing a look of horror onto his face. She turned to the other guard.

"Put him with the other's quickly or you will join him." She spat, with one more cry she ran off into the city, sword still in hand.

I stumbled after Dan cold and confused. His grip was tight on my arm and I felt hot tears running down my face.

"Are you alright?" He asked gently, his face full of concern. I looked down.

"Let go of me." I jerked my arm out his grip and wiped the tears away angrily. I was not one to cry but I had just seen a man murdered. Or frozen or whatever. I looked up to see him looking confused. I started walking away to my apartment; I was done with my walk. I didn't make it five feet though before I felt Dan spin me around to face him.

"Where are you going?" he asked curiously his hands gripping my shoulders. He had a bad habit of grabbing people.

"Home." I answered and pushed his hand off with my own. I resumed walking but felt him behind me.

"I don't think that's the best place to go right now. You probably have a lot of questions anyways. I did but I was confused and scared and didn't want to be bugged. He, gently this time, took my hand and led me to a large white building. I let him, just wanting to know what was going on. He led me up some steps, and then paused to grab some keys from his pockets. After unlocking it he lead me into what looked like a mansion.

We were in a grand hall that was colored in gold's, reds, oranges and yellow. There were four fireplaces in just his room with several halls and doors leading elsewhere. I gaped at the ceiling which held a mural of creatures dancing in a fire.

"Nice place."I said, struck by the largeness and splendor of the building. He smirked.

"It's not mine, hundreds of people live here."

"Then where are they?" He looked uncomfortable. "I told them to stay away until after I had talked to you."I frowned.

"Wait, were going to take me here today anyways?" He bit his lip.

"Yeah, I was on my way to get you when I saw that you were being attacked."

"Yeah, about that...."

"All in good time." He quickly interrupted. "First let's find a place to talk."

"What's wrong with here?" I asked, not wanting to leave the warm and glamorous room. He chuckled.

"There are probably fifty people eavesdropping on us right now and I could use a little more privacy than that." I nodded and followed him down a black hallway, wondering if I was going to be back.

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