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“there is so age of liking someone, you can like someone too, just like i like you.” jeongguk said and suddenly realized what he just said.

“hey, i didn't mean that like, i mean you are maybe the most perfect human being i have ever seen, you are the perfect mom— please don't be uncomfortable, i didn't mean that. i meant as a— friend. ” jeongguk immediately explained and taehyung smiled.

“we just met, you can't say that i am perfect.” taehyung sighed and jeongguk smiled.

“you know, i lost my parents at a very young age, my mom used to love me a lot, and i see how you love yeongsu, it's just so pure.” jeongguk pointed out and taehyung smiled.

“every mother loves his or her child jeongguk, but that doesn't mean that he or she is perfect.”

“alright, let's change the topic.”


time passed and jeongguk helped taehyung wash the plates and now was about to leave his house when his phone vibrated.

namjoon hyung :
when are you
coming here?
did you forget
about your work?
sent✓ 9:45 am
seen✓ 9:45 am

jeongguk :
coming right
now, will be
there soon
sent✓ 9:46 am
seen✓ 9:47 am

“oh shit, i forgot that i have to go to work.” jeongguk said and taehyung smiled, “go then.”

“yeah, hey i have a great idea, as yeongsu is busy playing with eunmi, how about you come with me to the café? will give you free foods.” jeongguk said and added the last line thinking that taehyung might join him for the free food he offered.

“free food is good, but still didn't finish unpacking my clothes, so maybe sometime later?” taehyung really wanted to go but work is more important.

“ahh— alright.”

taehyung saw jeongguk leave, he weakly smiled to himself but his smile faded when he realized that jeongguk though he shows that he is very happy but actually, he is just as lonely as he is.

“i at least have yeongsu with me, he doesn't have anyone in his house.” taehyung was talking to himself when his phone rang. he despised the person who called him as he sighed looking at the caller ID taking his phone out of his pocket.

“what? why did you call me?”

“how is yeongsu?” the person asked not even asking how taehyung was.

“he is fine, without you he is better.” taehyung lied as yeongsu missed his father so much.

“you know what taehyung, if you want we can be together, again.” the person offered and taehyung huffed.

“i know why you are saying this. can't afford giving me all those money for alimony, isn't it? you are still with that chick, i know it all bogum, so stop.”

“but you know yeongsu loves me and really wants us to get together, again.”


a/n : don't know if I can update again but I will try :))))))))

and I wanted someone else as yeongsu's father but I just like taehyung and bogum together so yeah !

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