The salvation in the alliance

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After all these events, Hitomi cied when she was informed about theconclusion of the affair from the mouth of Meinmet, who came to herbedside.
For the young woman, the solution used wasn't a surprise.

As the finalminutes of the trial were played, her vision was clarified: Yiris wassitting at Folken's feet.
Nevertheless, there were still some doubts about this image. Already,the couple seemed to show a sincere complicity and then Folken wassitting on a royal Throne ...

Not knowing what to think, Hitomi decided to not focus on thesedetails for the time being. If there would have any clarification, itwould comespontaneously.
Meanwhile, she was a little angry with Van, who had hidden the truthabout Yiris when she had told him about her doubts.
Certainly,knowledge wouldn't have changed the situation, however, the way had vexed her.

Meinmet was deeply moved by this outcome. denouement. Hehad greatly worried about Yiris, who was in a way the girl he never had.

Know her saved with her honor restored was a relief. And he found thatshe formed a fairly original couple with Folken, they had nothing incommon, but his flair told him that they were made for each other.

For her part, the general had left in the quarters of her army. Whenher men asked her what would make her happy to celebrate the victory,she had simply asked to eat.

It was done. Wrapped in a colorful shawl large loan from the wife ofone of the soldiers which hid a little her stained dress, the survivorenjoyed cupcakes while sipping tea.

Concerning Folken, he had been summoned by Van. The King had wanted toreceive him in his private apartment.

The younger brother paced, while his elder remained standing, stoic,and, finally, this interminable silence was broken.

"There's no doubt, it's you ..." Van says with philosophy. "You are theonly one to have such ideas!"
"You still have doubts?" Folken replied calmly.
"No, your empty grave, our conversation last night ... I'm so happy tohave found you again, even if it exceeds my reason."
"Know that I do not know more. All I can say is that I'm happy to bealive, with my whole body. This new chance is a precious gift."
"So why not enjoy it by marrying you with the first coming?"
"Yiris is not the first coming! And at this time, it seemed to me theonly way to save her. She kept my memories for ten years when she knewme a little, defended me at the peril of her life, saving her fromdeath was the minimum that I could do in appreciation."
"Right, but do you realize that you have chained your life to hers?"
"Absolutely, and that doesn't bother me. I now aspire to a quietexistence. I especially think of studying calmly and enjoying mycountry. Marrying was never a part of my plans, but I would live likethat. Yiris is not perfect, however, he is an honest person, and thisquality is enough to say that it's not a problem for me to have her asa wife."
"Yes, but if one day, you meet another woman, one you really love? Whatwill you do?"
"It will not happen, I am convinced!"

Folken had said that with a dreamy air that had intrigued his youngerbrother. Nevertheless, this one found useful to continue his reproaches.

"You suspect that, as we speak, Mayek and the religious seek by allmeans how to annul this marriage. You used the law against them, theywill do the same against you."
"I realize this, that said, I don't know how this marriage would beattacked. I'm not married before, Yiris either, the fact that you haveaccepted the union makes it valid."
"There is still one argument, which has defeated many unions of straw,that of the consummation!"
"And where is the problem?"
"Folken, there was enough of lies and manipulations from Yiris but alsofrom you. So now you will play fair, and behave as the ideal couple."
"Right, and what does that mean?"
"You will live together. Even if Yiris keeps her army, I expect anirreproachable behavior on her part as a Princess. Moreover, you mustconsume this wedding tonight to cut the grass under the feet of youropponents!"
"That doesn't bother me."
"To you no, but your wife ... You know her history? So you know she hasa problem with men on this point."
"Yes, but I know she's not stupid!"
"If you say so ... I sent her friend Mila to look for her in order tomakeher at least presentable.. You will have only to take a bath herewhile waiting to rejoin your wife ... Good luck ... She isn't stupid indeed,but she had suffered a lot."

After those words, Van left the room, leaving his brother alone. Thislatter began to realize the significance of his act.
However, he wasstill convinced that he had chosen the right solution.


Meinmet joined the festivities celebrating the salvation of Yiris, hecouldn't help himself to kiss his protege on her forehead and,grateful, she had hugged him.

The atmosphere was festive, until the arrival of Mila who whispered afew words in the ear of her brother.
Haymlar listened attentively and looked annoyed.

"Chief, you have to come ..."

Interrupted in her collation, Yiris was seized with a suddenuneasiness.
The presence of her friend reassured her, even if a doubtremained.

She got up to join her. Haymlar left the two women alone and invitedthe others to continue their party and pretend as nothing had happened.

"Yiris, I was sent by the King, he said you should ..."
"To be a good wife, is that?" The young woman, who had felt thingscoming, concluded.

Heads up, hiding the anguish that had held her now, the bride followedMila.


Finally, Van was at the bedside of Hitomi, the young woman, stillbedridden, had welcomed him with a big smile.

"I thank you very much!"
"Oh, and why?" The King said, surprised.
"Because you have controlled your anger. If you had wished, you couldhave oppose you to this marriage, you didn't, on the contrary ..."
"I confess I changed my mind. Yiris didn't try to find false excuses.Then, well, if you had given her your forgiveness, you who had been thevictim, I had to make a gest of mansuetude."

The young man smiled tenderly and took her hands.

"Thank you anyway!"

Van got a little embarrassed. Hitomi knew how to read in his thoughtsas in an open book.

Facing her, he felt himself a simple man and not a King.


Lying in the big barrel of the bathroom of the apartments of her nowhusband, Yiris tried to keep her calm.
Mila had presented her the situation. She had to be totally herhusband's wife and her friend had the task of making her as desirableas possible for this occasion.
"Vast program" The new Princess couldnt help to notice with cynicism.
Feeling the water being cool, Yiris came out. Mila looked after herwith kindness. She tried to make her as beautiful as possible, even ifthe condition of her boss's body, and especially the massive presenceof fresh stitches, made her desperate.

As she struggled with innumerable knots in the long blond hair, themadam began a discussion about what she saw as a real event.

"That will be the big night for you! Ready?"
"Oh, okay, the principles, I know them. I've been running your businessfor a long time, I think I saw everything ... And what I didn't seen,you didn't help yourserlf to tell me about!"
"This isn't wrong! Mila said amused. But when it's about oneself, it'sdifferent ..."
"I"m not foolish, I know that it's necessary to separate the body fromthe mind in this kind of situation."
"It's your husband, you should try to make the effort to love him alittle. You'll be his Princess until the end of your days, so make someefforts in order to your cohabitation will be nice."

A grumpy sigh answered her, but it needed more to silence her.

"If we forget your scars, you're not ugly! Well, admittedly, a littletoo muscular and your vice for pastry has somewhat lowered your hipsbut we find much worse!
If we don't pay attention to your very slightcreases at the edge of the eyes and to the two or three white hairsthat I saw while combing you, but that your natural color hidessuccessfully, you look very young. Nobody would think you're almostforty years old!
I remember when I saw you the first time, I thoughtyou were a girl younger than my beginners!"
"To hear you, I am almost a good match ... " Yiris said with irony.
"A good match, I wouldn't go so far but you have an undeniable littleexotic side! Remember when you got to the brothel with your propertydeed? "
"Oh no, don't tell me about that!" Yiris replied, afflicted, hiding herface in her hands.
"Oh yes! I remember, the girls wanted to check the authenticity of thepaper, whereas none of these stupid girls can read... I just checked,and when I certified that it was good, they asked for..."
"That I respect the tradition of the newcomers, even if it wasn't forworking! I thank again Maga who launched the idea!"
"Well, nevertheless, when you put yourself naked, you made a realeffect ..."
"Oh joy ..."
"Let's go, that I know is that there was not disgust in the eyes ofyour husband when he leaned on you, all the contrary..."

At these words, the general shrugged her shoulders and sighed oncemore, annoyed. She didn't wish to add to the remark.
Moreover, to think about it, it was founded, the tender expression ofthe expression of the Prince, she had noticed it.

This time, the former prostitute hoped to have succeeded in convincingher friend and resumed her sermon.

"So, only in order to thank him, make an effort! Present yourself thebetter you can and show that you have a soul, in short that you are ahuman, more precisely, a woman!
Believe in my experience, it's not bybehaving like one of your employees that the situation will be well ..."

Despite having heard the advice, Yiris remained silent and simplyslightly nodding her head, closing her eyes.
Mila dared not insist further, she had said all she can and it wasclear that her boss was hidebound and that trying to convince her wasvain.
She just hoped that everything would happen for the betterbecause more than the owner of her brothel, Yiris was above all afriend.

In the private bathroom, there was a heavy silence before the bridedecided to resume the conversation.

"Speaking about your experience, I was thinking of one thing."
"What?" The Madam asked, puzzled.
"As you say, I'm a Princess now, and I think it's not suitable for aPrincess to be a brothel owner, isn't it?"
"Yes, probably, but what do you mean?" Mila said, anxiously.
"Since I won your establishment almost ten years ago, I just pocketedmy part and let you manage everything, what you did brilliantly.Therefore, I think that you deserve to be your own boss, I give you thecase gracefully, I will make the act to you tomorrow!"

Mila's face lit up with a big smile and some tears appeared at thecorner of her eyes.

"Do you think I would lie to a friend? Yiris replied also with a hugesmile."
"Thank you, thank you !!! So don't imitate MY employees when you arewith your husband!" The Madam said amused, whitout couldn't helphugging her future ex-boss in her arms.

And while the retired prostitute never ceased to thank, the spirit ofthe new Princess was elsewhere.

Calmly, she tried to imagine what was going to happen to her ...

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