The salvation in the alliance

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The end of the trial had come, Yiris welcomed it with alleviation.

In a short time, she would have definitely finished suffering.

After final works of the judges' words, Van would have to conclude and announce the sentence.

He didn't have time to say anything that Folken, breathless, his parchment in his hand, popped into the room to the general amazement.

"Please wait! I want to propose an exception of grace!"
"How's that, my brother?" The King asked, stunned.
"I want to use the case of the Princess of Blood!" Folken replied.
"Nonsense!" Said an indignant monk. "This is just a legend!"
"No, it's a true story." One of the judges explained. "The story has been distorted with time, but this actually tale is based on an old trial.
Where do you want to do with this, Your Highness?"

The assembly didn't know what to think.

Haymlar and Hylden not dared to believe in the miracle.

Yiris was frozen, she really didn't expect such an intervention.

"Heresy is a crime of divine right, isn't it?" The Prince asked.
"Effectively!" A judge approved.
"So I can use another crime of divine right to present an exception, is that correct?"
"Yes ..."
"So I use the case that I quoted.
A young woman was absolved of the crime of killing her King because one of the Princes of the blood had chosen to take her as a wife, avoiding her the punishment because no one could sentence a Highness who had done nothing wrong himself.
According to our traditions, the wife begins a new life by marrying, her husband endorses her crimes, it's part of his duty of protection, the condition being of course that the wife didn't hide nothing to him."

Only the affirmative and stupefied signs of the judges answered him. He decided to continue.

"Therefore, me, Folken Lacour of Fanel, Prince of Fanelia, knowing the acts of Yiris, I wish to marry this woman and endorse her crime."

There was at first a morbid silence, no one believed what he had heard. Van was wide-eyed with amazement.
While the accused, still looking at the ground, she thought she was dreaming.

Just arrived at the entrance of the room, Meinmet, Yrkas and the soldiers werealso stunned.

Then the strike-back began, the religious were the most vehement.

"But, Your Highness, your words are foolish! In addition of the fact that this woman used her witchcraft on you!"

Puzzled, Van addressed the judges.

"Is the reasoning right?"
"Your Majesty," one of the magistrates replied, "your brother's words are rigorous on the point of law.
In the old affair quoted, after marrying the Prince, it was considered that the young woman had lived without ever having committed any crime. It was as if the assassination hadn't taken place."
"Well! Folken, are you well aware of the consequences of your proposal? By marrying this woman, you bound your life to hers, so you will have to assume her person as well as her crimes."
"I know it and I accept it!" The Prince replied, determined.

Van crossed his arms. On a side, this outcome suited him. Yiris had shown that she assumed her mistakes, and if Hitomi had forgiven, he could also do the same after all ...
By acting in this way, Folken offered the only way to save the accused from certain death without having to create a dangerous precedent, it was good to take.

"Right! "
"But, Your Majesty, we refuse to celebrate such a union!" A religious leader said, indignant.
"Well, I could do it myself! According to our laws, the words of the King have the value of the divine words. I remember that my father declared himself married without asking for the consent of the religious authorities!"

Trapped, the monks had nothing more to say. The magistrates were discussing about the incredible demonstration which they had just witnessed.
Luyren was fatalistic, Mayek furious ...

"Yiris, even if I wouldn't have to ask you the question, seeing that you are here just an accused, I ask you, in view of your military services records, your wish.
Will you marry my brother or do you prefer the sentence?" Van said.

There was a slight silence, the young woman clenched her fists.

After a perceptible hesitation, she answered in a trembling voice, without taking her eyes off the ground to hide her tears of vexation.

"I accept, Your Majesty!"

On one side, she wanted to live, on the other, it was intolerable to her to be saved on this way. The wedding would take away her free will, which she had built herself, she would see everything collapse ...
But, anyway, without it, she wouldn't have the opportunity to ask the question.

"Well, get up and take my brother's hand! " The King ordered.

Always embarrassed by her shackles, the young woman rubbed her face with her elbow to wipp off the traces of her tears and began to rise painfully. Folken held out his hand to her.
A little surprised, she grabbed it, then raised her head to him. He looked at her intensely, with an expression of great sweetness, she had never seen him like that before.

He had changed profoundly, it was no longer Alexandre, but no longer a different person.
Destabilized, she sketched a slight smile accompanied by a look both astonished and grateful ...
As an answer, she felt the Prince's hand squeeze a little more her own.

For a few seconds, they found themselves alone in the world. This strange moment was interrupted by the Sovereign's words.

"As King of Fanelia," Van said, getting up, "I solemnly declare that, on this day, my brother Folken is united to Yiris. They will live as husband and wife until the end of their lives."

Each of the newly-weds ascquiesced with a nod, then the Monarch resumed his speech.

"Knowing that the use of this exception brings back to the pre-crime situation, Yiris, you still possess your titles. As I know them, I think neither the inhabitants of your village nor your men will reject you.
However, you are now a married woman, and you cannot act without the consent of your husband, he can lead your tribe in your place and forbid you to administer an army."

Another flutter, the new bride felt a brief fear, which flew as fast as she had come.

"The only order I give her is to act as she wants!" Folken said, smiling.

Van looked amused. He well recognized the thinking of his brother, but he was still stunned by what he had done.

"Yiris, I presume that you wish to recover your army ..."
"Yes ..." She replied shyly, having difficulty realizing what was happening.
"So, Right!" The King concluded.

The crowd watched the new couple. They had something surreal.
He, immense and pale, dressed in simple trousers of beige linen, a white shirt and a dark blue jacket, and she, very small, hair and skin of the color of the sun, wearing her dress stained of blood.
They were totally different and far away from the traditional image of the husband and his bride elegant and happy.

When Van left the room, indicating that the hearing was over, the partisans of Yiris rushed to her and hugged her in their arms, while her chains were removed.
The young woman quickly found himself buried under the braces. She couldn't help crying with joy, she would live!

On the side of those who had sworn the loss of the general, it was the incomprehension. Mayek couldn't what happened, he wanted to scream.
However, he retained his rage knowing that his opposition to the Sovereign could cause him serious problems.
Relieved as much as stunned, Hylden had also wanted to hold Yiris in his arms, but his wife had held him back.

"I'm sorry to see this bitch saved, but I confess that I find the situation amusing after all ..."
"And in what, Kyria?" The general questioned aggressively.
"That girl you so much desire will never be yours. If she had died, she would have become your adored martyr, now she is the wife of another man. Do you realize, he will possess in your place! It's an irony!"
"You're the worst of the bitches!"
"I think I may rejoice to see the situation. For ten years you have treated me like a piece of furniture because you think only of her, so I hold my vengeance! You reap what you sow!"

Hylden didn't answer, he left the room, furious.

Always buried under the marks of affection, Yiris looked at his friend for ever, but seeing him go away while his wife didn't hide her joy, she became sad.
Somehow she could'ot deny that she loved him ... At least, it seemed to her. Now everything was getting confused ...

Then, turning her head, her eyes met Folken's look, she found him strangely tender and couldn't help maling a shy smile as an answer.

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