Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

London's POV

I was blown by the hot weather the moment I got out from the plane. 

Wearing a baggy denim pants, white shirt, sneakers, cap and huge dark glasses, no one could recognize me as Her Royal Highness Princess Grace of England -- second in line to the throne.

My brother Harry, also known as His Majesty King Philip assumed the throne when my grandpa, King Alaric died. His son, the cute adorable baby Prince Magnus was next in line, then followed by yours truly.

I took a commercial flight from England to Riyasan. For the first time in many years, I was alone. Free from my overly protective bodyguards.

A month ago, this would be impossible. I had an overnight argument with the King not letting me to enter the Kingdom of Al-Farhinah without bringing along a bunch of my security team. 

"It's not safe for you to travel alone. You're a woman and going to a country that is populated with more men than women. With that golden blond hair of yours, you'll be attracting unwanted attention." 

"I know that by heart brother, I made my research already. Can you just trust me."

"How can I? No one can rescue you if something bad would happen. You don't even know self-defence! You would invite the paparazzis to have a feast taking your photos. In less than twenty four hours, you would create a scandal in the family!"

I cleared my throat. My eyebrows rose giving him a mocking look  and shifting my eyes to his wife, Her Majesty Queen Emerald. I made it known to them that the only scandal that made chaos in the Royal family was the one they created two years ago.

"I'm twenty nine, Harry I can handle myself. Promise, I'll be very careful. I'll be in disguise."

"Yeah, that's what I was going to suggest. Wear a black wig... or you can use that temporary black hair dye I got you from Korea. In just one rinse, your hair will be back to its golden color." Emerald eyes glowed supporting my decision.

"I said no and that's an order." The King barked at us, giving his wife a disapproval look before shifting his eyes at me again. "Your safety is my priority. You could attract kidnappers and terrorists to hold you for ransom. God forbid! We're not going to take a risk."

"But I'm risking my own happiness. I have to find him."

"It's time to give up London. What else do you want? It's very clear that he doesn't want to talk to you or see you again. He doesn't give a damn about you! Where was he during your downest moment, huh? I even reached out to him several times but he ignored me."

"That's why I have to see him. It's the only way to find out why he's acting so weird, hiding from all of us. Please Harry, I need to see him so I could move on with my life. This would help me make a decision for my future."

He looked at me for a moment then heaved a sigh. He knew what I meant.

If everything fails in my love life, he wanted me to consider the offer of marriage by His Royal Highness, Prince Jakob of Norway, the next in line to the throne.

"Okay, I agree with you. But, we have to do it my way. I'll send my men to find him."

"Then what? Do you think an invitation could convince him to come to England to see me... or you his best friend? Trust me, it's not a good idea, he could be offended."

"Make a letter. Write whatever you want to say to him in your letter. After knowing everything, let him be the judge if he wants to see you or not."

I shook my head with disapproval. "No. I have to tell him myself in person." Whether you like it or not.

A month later, the King and his family went to Norway to attend a royal wedding. They would be gone for a week. It was the opportunity that I waited. To escape.

I pretended to be sick so I could not go with them to Norway. The King was disappointed because Prince Jakob anticipated my arrival. But no. It would only give then an opportunity to plan ahead of another royal wedding. 

The moment they left, I was on my way to the airport, taking a commercial flight to Riyasan, Kingdom of Al-Farhinah.

I carried my brown leather backpack. Inside were my travel documents, two shirts, jeans, under wears, personal care products, and the Korean hair dye that Emerald gave me. 

My future would depend on the outcome of this trip. I had to find someone who I haven't heard for more than a year already. The Prince of Al-Farhinah, Israel Yasin.

I called him, emailed him and used all social media platforms to contact him but he never responded. He just suddenly disappeared. He had withdrawn himself from his family and friends. 

I learned from his cousin Omar that he was living as a hermet in the middle of the desert for a year already. There was only one way to see him and that was to cross the large area of dry sandy plain and dunes riding a camel. It would take ten to twelve hours to get there. 

I did not mind even if it would take weeks or months. I would not have peace of mind until I'd see him in person. I needed closure so I could move on with my life.

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Note: Riyasan, Kingdom of Al-Farhinah is a fictional country.

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