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song: Angela Spendtime Palace

Jane dragged Mike into the shop and they headed for the middle-aged male employee who sat lazily behind the counter with a bag of chips and an old comic.

the store was relatively small and pretty much customer-less, apart from Mike and Jane of course.

"excuse me?" Jane politely asked while ringing the bell on the counter when the employee didn't look up from his comic.

"do you know where we would find the new pixies album, 'Surfer Rosa'?" she continued when he didn't say anything.

without looking up - he pointed towards the vinyls in the 'p' section.

"oh, we were looking for the cassette for it," Jane spoke up.

the man adjusted his point so it directed to the other side of the room where the cassettes were stocked under 'p'.

"okay, thank you," she mumbled as they headed over.

"i felt like i was being so annoying," she spoke barely above a whisper to Mike as they searched for the album.

she's so close to me right now Mike thought.

she smells so good. like peaches and cotton candy.

seriously Mike, stop. that's weird. he reprimanded himself as Jane searched for the cassette.

"found it!" she half-yelled with enthusiasm.

she started reaching for some money in her pockets when Mike gently grabbed her arm to stop her.

"i'll pay," Mike suggested politely. "i mean, technically i'm the one who's using it, so i will."

"no, seriously it's fine," she protested. "you were fine with your Jim Croce and Neil Diamond before i came along and forced you to get something else," Jane laughed.

"well technically it was my idea to buy it so i'll pay." before she have the chance to jump in and object, he firmly stated, "that's final," before walking to the counter and paying for the cassette tape.


"well, looks like i'm gonna have a fun time explaining the album cover to my mom," Mike chuckled faintly.

"oh my gosh," Jane giggled, as he started to play the album.

Mike fast-forwarded the tape to 'Where Is My Mind?' and they began to drive off to the diner across town.

with your feet on the air

and your head on the ground

try this trick and spin it, yeah

your head'll collapse

but there's nothing in it

and you'll ask yourself

they both mumbled the lyrics gradually getting louder and louder until they could both hear each other at a reasonable volume.

"WHERE IS MY MIND?" they both yelled with wide grins on their faces as Mike took his eyes off of the road every few seconds to look at her.


WAY OUT IN THE WATER, SEE IT SWIMMING!" they shouted through giggles and happiness.

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