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The Prof was already at the desk, patiently waiting for Lucy, his faithful companion and assistant.

'What did I tell you?' Potty Prof mumbled.

'She's fine.' But Lucy was never late. He was starting to have doubts when the Commissioner came in.

"Yes?" The Prof asked, looking at the Commissioner. Instantly, he noticed something was wrong.

"You have a new case." The commissioner dropped the case file on his desk, looking away.

"What?" The Prof asked, an eyebrow raised.

The commissioner finally looked at the Prof. His eyes looked angry, but at the same time sad.

"You might have to solve the case quicker than you think. There is a life at stake. A certain life."

"Who's life?" Placid Prof stayed, calm as can be, trying to not to think about the possibilities.

"Lucy Baker." The name stuck him, hard. Placid became Potty, his calm purple hair turned into a dark crimson. Potty Prof opened the case file. It was a normal case, until a letter attached to the file hit him.

'Oh Mr. Layton. I suppose you're wondering why I would choose such a random murder. Would I really kill Miss Baker quickly?

She is pretty, clever, and not to mention loyal. She's a feisty one. Disobeyed several times, but she eventually shut her mouth.

If you want to save her, you'll have 8 cases to solve in a matter of three days. They won't be simple. Each murder will have a clue as of what I want and where I am.

If you don't believe me, how about a nice picture to make you solve them.'

Under the letter was a picture of Lucy, tied up, gagged, and blindfolded. Underneath the right side of her green jacket was red blood. This was enough to make Potty Prof stare in shock.

"I'll leave you to it..." The Commissioner left the room and began walking away, to leave Alfendi Layton to stare at the picture of Lucy Baker, the girl he cared about ever so much.

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