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Steven Grant Rogers was only good at a few things in school. He loved English- particularly the reading side- and he loved sport. The other subjects he sucked at and he knew that he did. It didn't bother him. He tried hard in his lessons. 

As he made his way through the halls, he greeted everyone with a smile. That was until a locker flew open and hit him in the face. He fell backwards and then someone was helping him pick up the books he had dropped.

"I'm so sorry. These people have just been making out over my locker, and I was running late so I was rushing. I apologise. I didn't see you coming" He said. 

"Its okay" Steve said and looked at him. The boy was a little younger than Steve, but not by much. Maybe by a couple of months. He looked at Steve with big brown eyes that looked a lot older than him. He clearly had read a lot. The boy looked back into Steve's blue eyes with a smile before standing up. 

"Well... Better get going." He said. He rushed off, making a streak of red for Steve as his jacket covered his eyes when he ran.

Steve walked to his class, thinking about what had just happened. Not being good at school, the corridors seemed to always get longer for the male as he walked. It was extremely intimidating. He wanted to do well, he just never could. 

He walked into his science class and saw that red shade sat in his seat. He didn't make a fuss about it, he just sat elsewhere. But sitting elsewhere, meant he was closer to the front. Steve liked to sit near the back so the teacher didn't pick on him to answer questions. He could never answer the questions and it was embarrassing.

"Oh. Hey. You're in my class" the guy said when Steve sat in front of him.

"Yeah, I guess I am." Steve gave him a smile. A perfect smile. 

"I'm Tony." He held his hand out. Steve shook it.

"Steve." He turned back to face the front.

Throughout the full lesson, Tony was sending Steve notes. He was trying to get to know him. It annoyed Steve because Tony wasn't paying attention and yet every question the teacher asked, he put his hand up to answer and was always right. Steve wished he was smart like that. He started to envy the new kid. He was never jealous of the smart kids, but this one was clearly not even trying and just knew the answers. 

By the next lesson, Steve was no longer jealous of Tony. It was gym, and they got told to run a lap around the hall. The hall wasn't large but Tony just couldn't do it. He was panting heavily by the end of it. Steve walked up to him.

"All your skills are here, and not here." He pointed to his head and then to his chest. 

"Yeah. I'm not very physically active. I don't really enjoy running. I get out of breath just walking." Tony scratched the back of his neck.  

Steve could not relate to this. He could, but in a different sense. 

"Wanna make a deal?" He asked.

"Sure?" Tony looked at Steve. They didn't know each other, but for some reason, both were drawn to talk to each other.

"I'll help you get better at gym if you help me get better at science." He said. Tony looked at him.

"You mean like a study buddy?"


"I mean... Okay. Sure. I haven't got any friends here anyway. So... Yeah. Ill take you up on that Steve" 

And that is how it began.

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