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(A/N: My very first Lucifendi fan fiction... Hope you like it. THIS SHIP HAS BECOME MY OTP. Well Whouffle will always be mine in my heart.)

Lucy Baker walked near the Mystery Room one late afternoon. She forgot something in the office and she suspected the Prof to be there, even though it was late. As she turned the corner, a man bumped into her.

"Sorry." The man mumbled quietly. Lucy was just about to go on her way when someone else grabbed her by behind and injected her with a sedative. The world began to spin as she fell into the unknown man's arms, who began to drag her into a black van.


Alfendi Layton, also known as the Prof sat in his office chair, reading the cases the duo had to do tomorrow. The cases were somewhat difficult, however he knew Lucy could do them. Speaking of Lucy, the Prof remembered, she forgot her coat.

'Don't you think it's strange,' Potty Prof began in the Prof's head, 'That she isn't here yet? Wouldn't she have already gotten her coat?'

'That's a valid reason, but I'm pretty sure she'll get it tomorrow.' Placid Prof assured himself. He stacked the papers neatly on his desk before going to the door, not knowing what was really happening...


"By 'eck, my head hurts..." Lucy Baker moaned. Her temples throbbed as if they'd been hit with a steam roller. She tried to open her eyes but her vision kept swimming in and out of focus. All she could gather at first was that it was dark.

This isn't t' Prof's office... or my house... The young constable thought groggily; she didn't recognise this place at all. Eventually Lucy also realized she was tied to an uncomfortable wooden chair. How she'd failed to notice this earlier was unbelievable. (Then again, she did have a nasty bump on the noggin, so maybe it wasn't down to her being a pure ditz.)

As her mind became clearer, panic began to claw at Lucy's insides. Her breathing quickened and her heart fluttered like a caged bird. Oh crickey, I must've been kidnapped!

'Remain calm Lucy, remain calm.' The voice of her sweet mentor went into her mind. At the same time, a door opened and two strong looking men appeared with a woman. She was a stunning beauty wearing a tight purple dress, a white fur coat, expensive jewellery and makeup. However, this beauty was tainted by the fierce scowl painted across her rouge lips and the malice that flashed in her eyes. Lucy remembered her instantly.

"It's YOU!" Lucy would've added a finger-point had her hands not been bound behind the chair.

"Ah darling, yes it is me." It was the one and only voice of Ms. Goldie Potsby Mahan.

"Shouldn't you be in jail?" Lucy mumbled, an eyebrow raised.

"Mah new men busted me out," Goldie explained, gesturing proudly to her pair of goons as if they were prized trophies.

Lucy spat, "What happened to 'Bingo'?" She referred to the canine-like lover who had accompanied Goldie at Scotland Yard. Goldie had treated him like her pet- complete with a collar and a chain.

Goldie shrugged. "He had a...accident. Poor boy."

"I'll bet he did, just like your other husbands." (Goldie's current suitors exchanged a wary glance at this statement.)

"Well, I do declare!" the woman snapped. "Bing was mah best friend. I'd never do nuttin' to purposely hurt hurt him!" Lucy snorted at what she said. Goldie pulled out a knife and stabbed Lucy in her right. Once she did so, she pulled the knife out and signaled for her two new suitors to follow.

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