Chapter 3

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I got dressed in front of the purple dude.
"So what did you say your name was?"
"William Afton.." He answered me, I smirked
"Whats yo phone number"
"No- I'm like 20" He said, I blanked out. I'm like nearly 18- only in like 2 weeks. This fucked me up.
"Ah yes, delicious" He stared at me weirdly and concerned
"Your weird, I like you" He says to me as buttoning up his vest.
"How'd you even get into Kitty's house???" I questioned. He winked at me
"I broke in" I smiled intensely.
"Bring me next time so I can fuck you some more" He grabbed me, holding me up
"What? Break into someones house and fuck you meanwhile they call the cops on us? Sure" He put me down. I then realised we were the same height. 4'11. Ah, yes. My favourite height to be. Kitty suddenly burst into the room. Opening the window, meanwhile Crackers and Christian held william, throwing him out the window. I watched in silence
"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!" Kitty yelled at him, closing the window.
"the fuck?" I questioned them.
"You fucked a 20 year old ass man, you're insane" Christian answered
"we all are...." I whispered "You almost killed my first fuck" I hissed. I looked outside the window, opening it up, looking down at the man who sat on the brown dusty ground.
"CALL ME!!!!" I yelled at him, throwing a ripped up piece of paper with my number down at him. Kitty forced me away from the window, forcing it shut
"n e v e r a g ai n. Now. Get. Out. Of. My. Room" I looked at her boredly
"yea, you 5 billion, short, manly, onion, 4'11 year old" My face grew aggressive, tackling Christian to the ground
"i'M NOt shORT" I screamed.
"LIESSSS!!!" He hissed, throwing me at Crackers
"This is inter- WAIT WHAT THE FU-" She fell to the floor as I crashed into her
"Oh its on Christian, it is on!" I shouted, he looked at me
"I've been waiting for this day..." I stood up and we walked in front of each other. Our expressions intensified. We started fighting like cats did. Our hands hitting eachother.

Kitty and Crackers watched, unimpressed
"Your all a bunch of too" She concluded. Kitty looked at Jayde
"Did you only just realise that?" Kitty accused Jayde
"No actually. I realised this a long time ago. I didn't just acknowledge it"

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