TOAALH- Chapter 2

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'System connecting to host....System configuring past data from host......'


In a vast empty light void, floats Su Yi Kai's body. He's continuously twitching while hearing what's around him, as the unknown voice continued, Su Yi Kai's forehead grew multiple irk marks.


'The Heck, who counts from 40 to 63.3 in just a damn second? Is that voice joking with me? It's just randomly spurting out nonsense words'- Rang on Su Yi Kai's Brain.

'System complete, opening host's POV'

'What?' Just then, Su Yi Kai's vision regained itself back, as the blurry Pink blob slowly took it shape. ' Ah, wait, it didn't , it's still a blob, it's only much brighter than before'

If a Certain System read it's host thoughts, it will defiantly spit blood and continuously smack itself to its host.

'Greetings, Host, I am System-707 otherwise known as Pappion by others, tis a pleasure to meet you, Host'   Su Yi Kai paid no mind to what the pink blob said and turned to look around, he noticed that he was floating and in a strange-no gravity, white void. He turned to look at the pink blob, named "Pappion" and asked,

"Where am I, who are you and why am I Floating?" Pappion immediately sweated and turned a light shade of pink.

'Sorry host, Pappion can only answer ONE question and that's it'  Seeing its host slightly narrowing gaze, Pappion hid itself to an invisible wall, turning into an almost faint pink color. Su Yi Kai just sighed and shook his head, he can't deny that he felt slight pity for this pink blob. He decided to roll with it and asked a question.

"What's happening? Aren't I supposed to be dead?"

The system unhid itself from its invisible wall and answered,
'Umm, you are dead, host, but before host's soul disappear, Pappion pulled you to connect and sign a contract with me, Pappion want to give host a new chance in living because, seeing what happened to you.......Pappion felt sorry, because Host is really reaaalllyy kind so Pappion decided to do just that. Pappion wants host to live much much better life to move on to what happened to his past life"  the Pink Blob finished all in one breath.

Su Yi Kai.....felt grateful because, he has such thoughts that what he would just start a new life without that bastard who broke him. He would live a life without experiencing THAT kind of pain again and hopefully...move on at the very least.

'Umm, so Host, do you accept Pappion on our connection? By accepting this you may move on to start a new life again' without hesitation, Su Yi Kai nodded in agreement...He wants to experience living again, and at the very least, do what he already started in contributing to many lives, by helping others in need, like children for example, He is really fond of all the children, just remembering the times he spent with all the children in his past life made him chuckle a bit....How he'd miss them so much especially his family...

When Pappion heard what it's host said, it immediately bounced and wiggled as Su Yi Kai watched in amusement.

'GREAT! then, Pappion will start, please touch Pappion so that you will be transported to your new world' Su Yi Kai followed its instruction and put a hand over Pappion, Just then, Pappion started to glow a bright magenta color  and started the process.


'Starting Host's transfer.........Initializing Transfer'


'Transfer Complete' Su Yi Kai's vision darkened as he felt his soul being pulled.


-hiiiiiiiiiiiii, hey hellooooo. Thank you so so much for reading and yes, it's really rare for me because I've started to be active on writing but, I want to really REALLY continue this book, so thank for reading again
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