Part 16

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As I stepped outside the bathroom I heard the yelling, my eyes darted to the front of the store as men filled the room. My eyes widened and and I ran for a door, I found myself in the kitchen...there must be an exit point

I can't let them catch me, I darted  through a fire door and found myself in an empty alley, I didn't know where I was headed but I needed to get far away from this diner as I could. I felt tears rushing down my cheeks as I saw the border of the forest, my mind jumping to the only way, I ran into them.
I felt the cold branches scratch against my skin, the mud splattering against my legs as I continued running, somehow hoping I would end up where I wanted to

Suddenly I felt my foot hit something hard, my eyes opened before planting against the hard floor. I lay there for a couple of seconds breathing hard...why am I here. I turned my head as I heard rustling and my eyes widened, seeing a large wolf standing five feet from me

My nerves calmed down, realising who it was. I slowly sat up and glared at him " there was an attack in town , I wanted to know you were safe " I rolled my eyes and stood up
" leave me alone Gray " I turned to walk away until I heard the cracking of bones and a growl, I turned back and looked at him " come here "
I continued walking away until I felt his hand grip my arm " let me go " I snapped at him as he pulled me closer to him, almost into a hug, I could feel him sniffing my hair " I've never held you "

I felt anger rushing through him and pushed him away, making him almost fall, he looked at me confused unsure of how " just leave me alone! You are the dam reason I am stuck in this stupid town! " I yelled at him
Gray took a step forward to me as he sighed
" I'm sorry " I looked at him confused when I felt something hard bang against my head, sudden ringing started in my ears as I felt my body fall towards the floor.

I opened my eyes, met with an unfamiliar room. Slowly I tried sitting up but then I hands were chained to the bed frame and I had been changed into a large white shirt, and I knew exactly who done this.

I yanked at the chains and gritted my teeth as after an hour, I still had gotten nowhere. My eyes quickly started to the door as I heard squeaking and watched it slowly open, a girl about my age walked inside, I stared at her confused as she carried a tray of food

She looked incredibly thin, she wore tattered clothes which looked too large on her...I also noticed the bruises on her pale skin and she seemed to be avoiding my eye contact " you're breakfast Luna, sorry if I bothered you " her voice was weak, she reminded me of Alice when I first met her.
" wait! " I yelled before she reached the door
" where is Grayson ? " she still kept her head low " Alpha Grayson is in a meeting Luna " as the door closed I took a deep breath and rolled my eyes, how the hell am I supposed to eat with my hands chained ?!

After another hour I could hear more footsteps and finally my mate had arrived, I glared daggers at him as he entered the room and proceeded to stare at me " you haven't eaten " I yanked at my arms " take a wild guess why asshole " he deeply chuckled and rummaged through his jacket pockets as he pulled out a key, as he approached me I could feel my heart beat increase, his hands felt warm against mine and as soon as he pulled away I felt coldness take over me

I slowly rubbed my wrists " why am I here " he turned to me confused " you are with me, where you belong " I rolled my eyes once again " you gonna chain me up in the basement again? " there was a minute of silence
" I thought about it " I glared at him
" but...I know I can't do that to you " he approached me and caressed my face " you are my mate, and Luna of this pack. You are where you belong "


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