Chapter 28

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~Rye's POV~

This felt right. Being with him. Him being in my arms. Waking up next to him. It felt better than being with any girl.

From waking up only moments ago, to see him looking at me. Staying at me, admiring me.

His soft blond hair was in small delicate curls lightly laying on the top of his gorgeous head.

He. Is. Beautiful.

It was different being with him. I actually wanted to get to know him. Rather than one of the one night stands that I was oh-so famous for.

He was different. He was smart, talented, unbelievably good looking and a joy to be around.

And I did like being around him. It was is my life was missing something. And sleeping with all of these girls was my way of finding it what it was. But then he showed up. Sprung out of nowhere and fell in to my life. Instantly I had a purpose. I had a goal. I had someone to take care of. I no longer needed to look for something or someone that was only going to let me down. He was here. He had the bluest eye. The most contagious laugh. And the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen.

I couldn't help myself. So I kissed the top of his head which followed with him blushing and smiling like an idiot.

He looked at me with that adorable smile on his face. And I felt my cheeks lift up as well.

Rye - "Morning" I said and smiled at him

Andy - "Morning" He said smiling back.

He looked at the clock sitting beside his bed. I didn't know what the time was, and I didn't care. I wanted to spend the morning with the most beautiful boy in school.

Andy - "Oh my god, we have to go!"

But he tried to get up and get off the bed. Sadly for him, his plan failed due to my protesting methods.

Rye - "Noooooo! Please stay! Just for the morning at least."

I gave him my biggest, most convincing puppy dog eyes I had ever given anyone, it always works and I knew he wouldn't be able to say no to me.

Andy - "Fine... but just for the morning"

Hearing him give in, I smiled and pulled him closer to me. He made himself comfortable and smiled.

I couldn't help but kiss the top of his head. He was just too cute.

He turned his head up to look at me. My eyes connected with his and it was if there was an electric current connecting us.

I never felt it before. And I never wanted to get rid of the feeling.

So I did the only thing I knew to do.

I put my fingers under his chin and pulled his head up a little further, making sure not to hurt him.

Then leaning my head down, staring intently into his eyes beefier the both of us closing them slowly.

Still moving my head down my lips met his and it was like our first kiss all over again.

He started to deepen the kiss, and I let him. Our lips were moving in sync as if they were meant to be together. Fitting perfectly within each other.

I pulled away slightly so our lips were no longer touching but our foreheads were. Our breaths were agitated and fast.

He moved his head again, as if to meet our lips again. But I never got the sensation of his lips on mine. Instead, I felt his small, delicate nose brush past mine ever so slightly.

And I couldn't take it anymore...

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