2~ The House In The Mountains

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2~ The House In The Mountains


"I'll take first night shift," My master said. It was getting closer to dark. I could hear the owls coming out and a few bat screeches. "I'll wake you in a few hours. Until then, get some sleep." I nodded and used my cloak as a blanket and he let me use his as a pillow to provide some sort of comfort for me.

I didn't get to sleep very long before a howl broke the still air. I gasped and sat up. "M-Master!"

"Calm down, Nylein," He said. "It's not our enemy. It's a lone, regular wolf passing by. It's not a Werewolf. I promise."

"Okay..." I laid back down, but I couldn't sleep. The wolf kept howling, as if sounding like it was trying to call for someone. "Master? Is the wolf calling for its mate?"

"Yes," He shifted his position a bit. "The lone wolf got separated from the pack and he is now trying to find his way back. He won't bother us."

I was a bit more relaxed, but still on edge as the howling never stopped.

"Nylein, wake up." I grunted and sat up. "It's your turn to watch. There's an owl whom I've befriended for the night. He'll be your eyes until dawn."

"Okay..." I yawned and gave him my cloak to use as a pillow. I felt around for something to sit on and found a rock. I leaned against it and pulled my crystal ball out. I felt it fill my hands. Soon, I had the advanced sight of the owl. It was perched on a tree above me. Its head swiveled around to catch any movement.

I don't know how long I was watching from the owl's point of view before it tensed and gave a soft hoot. It took off into the air. I maintained connection as it flew in the air.

What I saw sent chills down my back. I quickly broke connection and hurried to get my ball back on my necklace. Once it was in place, I scrambled on my hands and knees to find my master. I came up with nothing. Am I crawling in the right direction?

I took my chances and called out for him. "Master? Master Frolyn!" I didn't get a response. "Master Frolyn!" Still nothing. If he left, when did he leave? Surely I would have seen him move through the owl's eyes.

I held back a scream as a loud howl from the Wolves pierced the air. "Master! We have to move! They found us! Master Frolyn!" I was sobbing hard. I've never felt this lost and afraid since I lost my sight. I've always had him close to me. Now, I'm alone and I have no idea where I am.

I bumped into a tree as snarls broke through the small clearing we were in. Loud sniffing could be heard and I held back a whimper. I knew they could smell our scent. It was obvious by the harsh, gravely sounds being made in the back of their throats.

I gulped and heard a Wolf advance on me. I screamed. "Ignis!" I shouted and felt an intense heat sprout out from the palm of my hand. The wolf yelped and I heard it stumble back. It growled at me and slowed its pace down. I could just barely hear where he was.

I squeezed my eyes tightly, knowing this was most likely the end of me. I shouted one last time for my master before I tried everything I could to try and defend myself. Of course, since I was blind, I couldn't see where I was aiming with my fire.

Soon, the smell of burning wood hit my nose and I coughed. I hunched over my knees, trying to keep the fresh air close to me. The smoke burned my eyes and my throat was becoming scratched from the smoke and ash. The Wolves around me howled in retreat.

I tried to get to my feet and find my cloak and what little possessions my master and I managed to grab. I tripped over something and found it was my master's single bag. I picked it up and slung it over my back. Nearby was our cloaks. I bundled them in my arms and headed in the direction with the least amount of heat.

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