Chapter 2 (smut)

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"Okay- Its like you were waiting for me" I said to him as I undressed myself.
"WELL- Obviously~" He replied to me. Now I could miss this perfect opportunity to get my virgin ass fucked, or I could just leave. But i'm already undressed. I sat on his lap, shoving his own dick into my ass. I blushed darkly, drooling slightly. He sat up, him holding onto my hips as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I started humping into his dick, moaning in a happy way. He moaned too, drooling heavily. I humped even harder into him, shoving my head on the side of his neck, kissing it in a violent way. He gripped onto my hips harder as he started to cum inside of me. I hopped off of his dick, he came onto the bed. I looked at him
"The first person I got fucked by is purple-" He looked at me confused
"Is that a bad thing~" I shrugged, he suddenly grabbed my arms, forcing me onto my stomach as he held my arms behind my back. He suddenly shoved his dick into my ass, I drooled to him doing this
"A-ah~ Daddy~" He started to thrust his purple dick into me, me starting to moan brokenly.

All of a sudden Crackers opened the door, she walked in. My eyes widened. William suddenly pulled out of me, and I sat up quickly.
She sounded shocked, I sweated, with a slight smile
"You really do have a robust, metal, robot dick!" She shouted, the others rushing here.
"OHHHHHHH! MILO HAS A ROBUST METAL DI-" Christian yelled, me rushing over to him, me still nude, covering his mouth.
"shUT thE FUck uP" Kitty was dead on the inside
"Milo- Why are you fucking purple guy at my house when we're at a sleepover?!" I died on the inside
"What???? I just wanted to be fucked in the ass!" I shouted at Kitty
"Get fucking dressed!" Crackers threw my bag at me, pushing me into the room, slamming the door.

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