small town secrets part 3- the kill

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damien & carrie have murder tools. before they decided to kill him they made the perfect murder plan!

carrie tells damien this will be the perfect murder!

carrie takes out a knife and slits her fathers throat, and damien watches the blood squirt out of her fathers bloody neck. They clean up the blood of of his chair. and they cut him into little tiny pieces, they start with his limbs then they cut his head off completely. they cut the individual fingers off, and cut the arms & legs into little pieces like when u cut up cucumber and they come out in slices..... then they put on the little bloody pieces into the oven and cook then, then damien & carrie eat all the little pieces, so there would be no evidence or proof.


a cop comes to the house & knocks on the door *bang bang*

carrie answers the door

"yes officer how may i help you?"

"hi i am officer klause and i was just curious if u have heard anything from ur father?"

"no sorry officer i havent, we do have a note from him though....."


carrie reads outloud "Dear loved ones! i am in hate with myself and i dont know what i have left to live for, i love my wife and my daughter carrie. i jut dont know if i can go on. my wife and my daughter are my world, but i cant stand to see myself hurting them anymore. IM SORRY!!! Just remember I LOVE YOU!"

after reading the note carrie starts to tear up & cry....

"okay well sweetie get some rest, i will need to come back later today and search your house."

"thats okay officer, ill see you later!"



carrie runs down stairs "hi officer welcome back come on in"

as the officer walks in carrie kills him and drags his bloody body in the next door neighbors woodchipper.

Damien come clean about the murder, and carrie and damien go to prison for life with no chance of parole.

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