New Start?

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Authors note: Hello readers! This book is just a quick idea that I had that I really needed to get out of my head, so here it is! This book is solely going to be fanfiction, so it's a bit different from the other books I have written. But, thank you to the Earpers, and others that have shown your support! 

This book is based off of the TV show Wynonna Earp, if you have not watched the show, I highly recommend you do to understand the characters more, and just to enjoy it! ~Gabby 

Chapter 1

Snow. That was all that I could see for miles. It covered the trees, the road, my legs when I slipped and fell while walking to the car (we don't need to talk about that). The stuff was annoying. I was never able to plant my feet correctly to chase someone, so they were sure as hell going to get away now. 

"This place is shit, I don't know why you chose to even come out here. You could have done way better than this, Lyons, why you chose this over working corporate security with the Division is beyond me." 

The driver had waited all of 20 minutes to tell me about the bad decision I was making by doing this. I wanted to drown out his rant, tell him 'it was the best thing for me to do at the moment', but no one would truly understand why I had decided to be placed in Purgatory. 

"Can you stop talking so I can think about the awful decision I have made for myself? Are you capable of shutting up for the rest of the car ride? Is that something you have the capacity to accomplish, Stevens?" I shot back, not wanting to hear his rant, or a rant from any man at this rate. 

The man next to me scoffed and shook his head, continuing to drive towards the town I would be stationed at until the mission was either completed or terminated, whichever comes first. 

"Have you at least packed everything you're going to need? Holster, baton, vest, gun-" 

"I'm going to stop you right there, Stevens, I've never liked you, we both know that. We both know you're going to feel nothing but joy when you drop me off at the Sheriff's Office and head back to base assuming that you're now the director's favorite. So, right now, and this is the final time I am going to stress this, stop talking to me like I am one of the helpless secretaries at the office that fall on their knees to please you. I am not one of them, nor will I ever be. I don't need you making sure the weak new female agent has everything she needs before going on her first mission. I was raised in Black Badge, I know it better than you ever will." 

I looked over at his face to gauge his reaction to my words. His eyes furrowed in frustration as his jaw set in a tight clench, his hand now gripping the steering wheel as he took a turn, the Purgatory sign now behind us. He swallowed, allowing my words to soak in as I turned to look straight ahead, shaking my head as irritation filled me. 

I had been with Stevens for three years now, working random cases with him- which really consisted of me fixing whatever he decided to fuck up. 

I ran my fingers over my black skinny jeans, trying to pick off the random pieces of lint that had managed to bury themselves into the fabric of my jeans. I grew frustrated, the lint not coming out as I sighed and closed my eyes to calm myself, running my hand through my short hair to fix what had fallen over my forehead. My appearance was something I really valued about myself, it's the first thing a person sees, so I needed to look good for everyone. 

I had short brown hair that was cut into a men's haircut, short on the sides longer on the top, styling it back with a little bit of hair gel so the top wouldn't fall into my eyes. Tattoo's were littered all over both of my arms, all of them fully healed. My height was on the shorter side, but that didn't change the fact that I could and would kick anyone's ass if they even had the tiniest thought they could beat me.

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