Chapter Five: The Leather Book

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(Y/n)'s POV
It was a leather book. It was piled with papers and pictures that i could see peeking out of the leather book. I looked behind me, the door was still locked and no one was present. I went to my bed and sat down with the leather book in front of me.

I reached for it with my trembling hands and opened it. At the first page was a picture of me and Leo as newlyweds, the smile on my face was with pure joy. I couldn't even feel it any longer, i wanted to burn this picture badly.

There was other pictures of me and Leo before aunt Abigail protested too late in the wedding. I turned to the second page, my facial expression became shock. My eyes went wide open in pure disgust.

I picked up the picture and stared at it. It was me in the picture, i could remember what had happened. After aunt Abigail's protest at the wedding, when me and Leo was getting out of the chapel, i hit my head in a golden pole badly.

And here i was. Someone took a photo of me laying there. It was a few meters away the aisle, that person that took it must be in the front row at the left, where my mother, father and Leo's father was.

Only the relatives sat in the front. I felt even more digusted of suspecting my mother and father, even uncle Leonardo. Questions began to fill my head, but they were unanswered.

I quickly turned the page away and saw a pile of photos of me. Almost all of them were a stolen shot. I was wearing a peach hoodie, ripped jeans and was laughing with my unfamiliar people. My eyes scan through the photos, i wasn't familiar with them no longer. But as i looked at their faces more closely, i began to familiarize them.

I saw the date at the top corner of the photos, it was dated back when i was in senior high before graduating to go to college. Everything turned back to where this photo was taken from. I remembered myself hanging out with my friends before graduation in a few more days.

And i never knew Leo back then. My eyes became teary, my head getting the best of me as it began to pile up even more questions. How did he take this? Did i actually knew him back then? Was he stalking me? I shook my head to get rid of the thoughts, but i felt awfully uncomfortable.

I turned it to another page and my heart began to race, my palms began to sweat and my eyes began to drop tears. There was a photo taken of me, and me alone. It was dark and i was walking home in the dark and quiet streets.

The one who took this looked like he was hiding in the corner of an alleyway, taking a picture of me. I felt a shiver ran down my spine as i immediately slam the book close and kicked it away from me, frightened of what i just saw.

Was he stalking me? Where did he get all of those? I felt like my mind is going to explode in minutes, even in seconds. I felt uncomfortable, my heart was racing like crazy.

I picked up the book with my trembling hands and walked back to the desk and put it inside the drawer where i saw it. I was walking back to the bed when i stepped on something, it felt like it was a film.

I looked down and i was indeed right. I stepped away and picked up the film, the colors draining away from me. Just as i thought i was done with the creepy photos, it was just starting. I covered my mouth with my hand and stared at the photo in disbelief.

Blood was everywhere, the picture was in a dark street. He was dead, Joshua was dead.

Everything began to make sense. Emily's voice began to ring in my head, accusing me as a killer and everything else. "Hm, i guess you found it. Heh, lucky you (y/n)." I heard a voice say, chucking with utter darkness.

I turned around and grit my teeth. "And you allowed me to see of how much of a heartless killer you are," I told him, "And you're not afraid." I continued, making him titter. "No," he began to walk towards me, "I am afraid," he paused for a second and glance down at the film that i was clenching on.

He smirked at me and made contact with my eyes. "I'm afraid that i might just be a regular kind of killer." He shrugged his shoulders. "You killed him," i murmur and began to walk forward instead of retreating back like i used to do.

"You son of a devil! You killed him!" I raised my fist and swing my hand, aiming for his face. He caught my fist with his bigger and stronger hand and held onto it, i began to struggle getting him off of me.

He slid his hand to my wrist and pushed me closer, snaking his other hand around my waist. He leaned forward, his breath tickling my ear. "I am the devil, (y/n)." He whispered through my ear. I stomped on his feet and he let go of me, i began to run away from him and began to throw anything at him that was nearby.

"Running doesn't matter (y/n), you're locked here with me." He began to walk forward, ignoring the flying things that i was throwing at him as he dodged all of it. I was now in the corner and had nowhere to run, the balcony was locked shut, the door that leads outside of this room was shut, i was trapped.

He was now in front of me again, leaning forwards. I scowled at him, "I love Simon." I hissed. Leo scowled back and glared at me, "Say that one more time and i'll make sure that you can never talk again." He narrowed his gaze and took my wrist, holding on it tightly.

He began to drag me towards the door. Everything began to reflect into my eyes, i knew what was going to happen. I held onto the pole of the bed and Leo looked back at me as i began to kick him with my feet. He rolled his eyes and took my other hand and began pulling my hand away from the pole.

"(y/n), let go." Leo demanded, his patience were clearly gone. I glared at him, "You can't make me you asshole!" I yelled, "If you don't let go, i swear i'll cut your arm." He replied back, he pulled my hand again with more force and my hand slipped away from the pole as Leo began to drag me.

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