Chapter 22

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"I think I'm going to end it." Benji said, bouncing strands of curls in Jorge's hair. They were sat on the chair, with Jorge spread on his lap. He was wearing the gold wristlet, which made Benji's heart fill with warmth. 

"End what?"  The other boy asked, oblivious to what Benji was talking about.

"The competition."

"Oh." He sighed. "What... what does that mean for us?" Benji couldn't see though the dark, but Jorge didn't wear a happy expression. It filled mostly of pain, not wanting to hear the next words come out of the prince's mouth. 

"I- I don't know. I don't want to end this but-" 

"Yeah yeah. You've got to find a wife, get an heir to the throne, blah blah." Sarcasm and sass overflowed from his phrasing. Benji pursed his lips together, not saying anything. It was silent for a mere moment. "So who are you going to pick?" Jorge sounded so hurt. His voice cracked as if he was on the edge of tears. 

"Well I've got two dates tomorrow, I guess I'll see how that goes." Benji noticed the gleam in the other boy's eyes and stopped playing with his hair. "" He cooed as Jorge rubbed his eyes with the sleeve of his shirt. 

"D-don't 'baby' me. You're the one who led me on." He tensed up in Benji's lap, and he could feel as if Jorge was going to get up at any given moment.

"I didn't lead you on, I-I love you." Hearing these words, Jeyjey got up and sputtered, standing in front of the now seated alone Benji. 

"Then why the hell are you marrying someone else?" Benji's heart dropped, tears threatening to show in his eyes like Jorge.

"M-my dad-"

"Yeah right. If you wanted to, you could've just said no." Hearing these words flipped something in Benji. He couldn't tell if he wanted to cry or go off at Jorge. All of a sudden, without any warning, Benji grasped the edges of his cotton white shirt and threw it over his head, revealing his bare skin. His cross necklace still showed on his chest, Benji hadn't worn it for any religious meaning, more as a family heirloom. Jorge's eyebrows were crossed, he had no idea what Benji was on about. 

"Flip the switch," Benji said, sounding a lot more demanding that he meant to. His head nodded over to a box in the other side of the small circular room, and Jorge followed, switching the black peg on it. Christmas lights were illuminated all around them, giving off a nice orange glow. It added a lot more light to the walls, and you could see the wooden paneling on the floor clearly. All Benji did was turn his back to Jorge, waiting for a reaction. When he heard the shorter boy let out a small gasp, he knew it was still visable. 

"That was from my father. I think I was eleven." His hand reached out behind him, waiting for Jorge to take it. He did. Benji brought their hands to the scar, placing his right ontop of Jorge's palm. "We were having a dinner party, and I was playing around with some of the other boys. I ended up kissing one of them, and my father found out. He figured he could beat the gay out of me. Obviously, he was wrong, but it's why I don't go against these types of things."

Jorge didn't say a word, he was too dumbfounded at the view. After a few moments of his back to him, Benji turned around to see a sobbing boy. 

"Fuck, Jorge, I'm sorry." He quickly scrambled, taking his hand and wiping away the streams of tears falling to the floor as he spoke. 

"I-I didn't know... Benji I-I'm sorry. I wish I could just do something about this." He said through heaving sobs.

"Me too." Benji cooed, just pulling Jorge into a hug, but one neither of them wanted to leave. Jorge felt safe. Benji felt safe. And that's all that mattered. 

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