Chapter 21

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There shouldn't have been a dragging feeling in his legs, but there it was. As Benji climbed the ever longing circular staircase that led to the infamous tower, his feet just couldn't will him to go any further. It was a painstaking effort to go up each stair, and his entire existence didn't know why. He wanted to be with Jorge. Every fiber in his body yearned to go even the tiniest bit faster to see him sooner. And even though Benji was still getting used to the big meaning behind the words, he loved the other boy so much it hurt. It hurt to fake a relationship with someone else. It hurt to have Jorge see Benji with someone else. More so if it was faked. But another voice in his head screamed: 


Betrayal to his people, those who lived in Spain, and followed under his and his father's ruling. They deserve to have a king and queen devoted to each other, not a king who has a side mister. And Benji loved his people. Even if they were the reason he and Jorge couldn't hold hands even in the palace. He loved them because they loved him back. And being with Jorge just made him fill with guilt. 

So each step felt like another burden being shoved onto his shoulders. 

But it seemed that every time Benji made it to the top, looking into his eyes made it all fall off.

Maybe it was the atmosphere. Maybe it was the mental strain Benji had put on himself that just washed itself away. Maybe it was the area, that reminded him of the safe space that eleven-year-old Benji would cry for days in. Or maybe it was the crickets, chirping so loud you could hear them through the closed glass pane. 

But Benji knew. It wasn't any of those things, the atmosphere, the furniture, the crickets, it was him. Falling into his arms after a day of strain and pain. A day of fake smiles and laughs, turning into a night full of genuine giggles and grins. The kisses and the warmth they gave each other made it all worth it. 

It made every step worth it.


Just a little poetic chapter, I was in the mood to do something cutesy without dialogue, since I feel like the paragraphs get repetitive with dialogue :'D

Sending out one more update tonight, I think the writer's block for this story is wearing off and I'm getting more hyped to continue :)

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