Valentina y Andrei

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He followed close behind me as I led him through the house, still holding his hand. There were bodies everywhere, engaged in all sorts of activities, the majority dancing. I led him to the kitchen where I set down the bottles and grabbed us each a drink. He looked around the kitchen with wide eyes. 

As I was pouring drinks, I saw my friend, and her cousin. We walked toward each other and hugged tightly. We met at my first high school, and were super close. She was a junior when I was a freshman, but we clicked instantly. I always hung out at her house after school, and that's how I met her cousin. We were good friends, but since she graduated, and I moved schools it was hard.

"Maria! Nati! Oh my god las extrañé muchísimo" (I missed you so much)

We started catching up and Maria told me how happy she was that her Luis was finally back home. He had been in jail for five years now. Drug trafficking, gun possession, and gang affiliation. He wasn't a bad guy, he just lived the life that he was dealt. Nati was able to go to school, where we met, but Her cousin Maria wasn't as lucky. She dropped out when she got pregnant with Luis' baby when she was fifteen, and he was sixteen. He had been in jail this whole time, away from his baby, and she worked to support them both.

"Y El Niño? Cómo está?" (The boy? How is he?) I asked, talking about her baby boy, Miguelito.

"Esta grandísimo, he turns five in a few months" (he's huge)

We talked for a few more minutes when I remembered I had left Andrei by himself In the kitchen. We walked over to the kitchen, I looked for him, to introduce him, and I saw him sitting in a chair, nearby. He was bumping his head to the music, which surprised me. It was a reggaetón song with a fire beat that had people dancing hot and heavy.

"Andrei, this is Nati, and this is Maria, the birthday girl" he got up from the chair, and smiled brightly.

"It's so nice to meet you, and happy birthday" he said excitedly. They nodded and agreed.

"Let's get some drinks" I said

We moved toward the counter and started pouring shots. I raised the cup to my lips and felt the liquid sting as it went down my throat. We did this one more time after and I was felling it. I looked at him and his cheeks were pink and so were his ears, I guess he was feeling it too.

We talked loudly and played drinking games around the house. He met some more of my friends from around the block. He was nice to everyone and tried to remember their names. There was so many people there, after a while, I just stopped introducing him. It was now around midnight and I was pretty drunk. Andrei was laughing and talking with some random guys that were standing next to us.

"Andrei, let's dance" I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the living room where the music was the loudest and people were dancing.

He stumbled behind me, but followed close behind.

The song rang in my ears and the beat took over me. The song was perfect. At first he was kinda stiff and I could tell he didn't know what to do. I turned and pressed my ass into him, grinding to the beat. I led him as he slowly found himself following my rhythm. Heat attacked my face and body, but it didn't matter. I put my hands on his and led him to my upper waist. As the beat picked up, so did we. I put my hands in the air, moving then with the swag of my hips. Neither of us let up as the music played. We sped up and I continued pressing hard, not leaving any room between us.

Our breathing was heavy our limbs meshed into one another. I moved my waist side to side on his crotch and he didn't back down, he put his hands around me and I bent low, rotating my hips. I'm not sure if it was all the drinks, but he was feeling bold. He put his hand on my back, keeping me low, and grinding onto me slowly, making me go harder into him.

The bodies around us grinded in pairs, passionately following the music as we did. The room was crowded but I felt only his heart beating. The song finished and another started, but we didn't tire, we kept each other busy. We had drunk a lot, but I felt sober in his arms. His passion intoxicated me and made me want to pleasure only him.

As the music controlled us, we surrendered to it, and became one in each other, each song, again and again.

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