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Thank you for reading Blood and Bloom

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Thank you for reading Blood and Bloom. This is a collection of poetry I've written over the past three years. This collection focuses on mental illness and growth and whether it stifles or excels us.

I wrote some of these poems during the darkest times of my life. My showcase poem and my absolute favorite with which I centered this collection around was written during the worst of my anxiety and depression which coincided with a week-long rainstorm.

These poems are deeply personal and leave me vulnerable. However, sharing these are a huge step in my journey as a writer and I finally feel ready.

These poems are often experimental in nature. I manipulate word and sentence structure as well as the structure of a traditional poem to best convey my feelings.

My biggest thanks goes to Charity, a friend I met through my poetry many years ago who has helped me improve and discover my full potential. She also helped me edit these poems with just a few day's notice. You're the best, Cherry!

My biggest inspirations are Ezra Pound (Especially his translations of Li Po in Cathay) and Sylvia Plath who have moved me endlessly as a writer. Through reading and analyzing their work, I was able to develop a deeply personal style.

Big thanks to @MMicheleWilly who, whether she knows it or not, encouraged me to publish this collection right when I was about to chicken out.

And last, but certainly not least, more big thanks to @wishuponajinni , who made me the incredible cover art that I am dying for.

Thank you for reading. Don't forget to comment and let me know how I'm doing.

Remember to take care of yourself! If you struggle with mental illness and can be sensitive to descriptions of the pain involved in anxiety and depression (however abstract), it may be wise to skip over Seven Days Before the Tempest. Instead, call a friend or pour yourself a warm, friendly cup of tea.

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