I woke up out of my sleep with a heavy headache and I could barely get ready for school. My mother knocked on my door which made my head hurt more. "Kerri!" I groaned at her yelling and held my forehead and walked over towards the door, opening it. "Yes mom." I said lowly. "Why aren't you ready for school?" I sighed, "Because I have a headache?" My mom furrowed her eyebrows "We need to get that checked out, you've been getting those too often." I nodded, "Get in bed, I'll bring you some breakfast."

After getting in bed, my mother came up with a plate full of food with a glass of orange juice. "Thanks ma.. could you look on my dresser and get the ibuprofen?" She nodded and got up. As she was grabbing the ibuprofen she spoke out. "So, you remember Anthony?" my mother said walking over to me. "Yeah.." I said furrowing my brows and looking at her. "Well.. you know we've been dating for over a year..." My mother kept procrastinating. "Come on mom." I said sighing and waiting for an reply. "He asked for my hand in marriage!!!" My mother squealed and showed my the ring on her finger. How the hell did I not see it on her hand when she came in. "Oh great." I said lowly, "Oh and.. he's moving in later today." I frowned, but gave her a fake smile making her feel better. 

Once my mother left, I ate my food and took two pills. I laid in bed and rested until I heard the front door open. I slid out of bed still in my pajama shorts and white tee, going towards the stairwell to see August at the door. I frowned and turned towards my room. As I was starting to walk away August's voice interupted "Hey Kerri." I turned around and waved. "Hey August.." I smiled and walked away into my room. 

I actually liked August for my mother, he was good to her. But step father wise, he parties too much.. and he smokes. I hate that, oh yeah, and the only reason I call him August is because he told me to.. Only my mother call him Anthony. I sat in bed with my room door closed when I heard a slight knock. I rose out of bed and walked to the door, and opened it not surprised at who it was. "Uh, hey August.. what is it that you need?" I said while looking at him in his eyes. "Could I come in to talk to you?" He said slightly smiling, I hate when people come in my room. "Yeah.."

As I moved out of his way so he could come in, I walked over to my bed and went under the cover. "What's up.." I said looking at him then my hands.  "Did your mother tell you the news?" I nodded. "Well, I just wanted to tell you that, I know you're not really comfortable with me here.. but I promise I'll make our relationship better... since you know you're my step daughter and all." I nodded. "Prove it." I said crossing my arms. "Alright, dinner tonight at 9, be ready." I gave him a head nod and he got up and left. "Close my door please!!!" I yelled. August came back laughing and closed the door.

August POV

I walked into Michelle's room and laid on her bed, "So you think she comfortable with you here?" I looked up at her, "I don't know, I mean she can't do nun about it so.." She looked at me "True." She said nodding. I kinda hate that I date someone older than me, cause they think they can run a nigga like me, and they ain't no fun. I'm a yungin' im fuckin' 22 and Michelle 30, that shit don't een sound right, but Ion know how she done tied a nigga down, but it's straight.

I got up from the bed and headed out the room to go in the livng room to watch the knicks.

Kerri POV

I jumped out of bed still in my shorts and tee, I headed downstairs. While going down the stairs I saw August on the couch asleep, I walked over to him and snickered to myself. I realize August's hands was in his pants and I tried not to laugh harder. I grabbed the blanket from the couch and covered him up. 

I walked past the living room and put my dishes in the sink. I grabbed another glass of orange juice and as I began to put the orange juice back in the refrigerator, August scared me. "Oh my god." I said shaken by August prescence. August laughed "You scared me!" I yelled. "My bad baby girl, I ain't mean to." He said smiling at me. He walked closer and hugged me "Sure thing." I said releasing from the hug and walking back towards the staircase.

I walked in my room and closed the door. I sat my drink down and laid in bed catching some shut eye, since it was 10.


I was awakened by August sitting on the edge of my bed shaking me. "Wake up baby" I groaned. "Do I have to?" I said in my sleep. "Yeah, you've slept the whole day away." I stretched and sighed. I grabbed my clock on my night stand and looked at the time. I sat the clock back on the stand and sighed,  "Can't we just do this tomorrow?" I said sitting up. "If you want, your mother called it off anyways, she left with her friends." I nodded. "Okay." 

I laid back down and I was interrupted by August's hand shaking me again. "Aye, lets go grab something real quick, daddy hungrier than a muhfucker." I sighed, and evaluated what he said and laughed. I slid out of bed to feel a cold breeze on my legs. "What the.." I said noticing I didn't have on my shorts.

"Oh um.." August said looking at me, then to soon look away quickly. "I must've slipped them off when I was sleeping." I hurried and grabbed my shorts. "Sorry.." I said feeling embarrased. "No, i'm sorry." He said afterwards. I slipped on my flip flops and followed August out the door, locking it behind me.

We were in the car on the highway in almost complete silence. "So.. how's school?" August asked side eyeing me and still keeping his focus. "Eh, it's alright. I have practice tomorrow so.. yeah." August nodded. "I'll pick you up, just make sure you text me what time you'll be ready." I looked over to him. "Oh no." I said out loud, but calmly. "What?" August said looking over to me. I crossed my arms. "you're definitely not picking me up, those girls will run wild." August chuckled.

"They can look all they want, I'm still picking you up." I sighed "Whatever." August smiled and rested his hand on my thigh, I looked at his hand then him. Seeing him not really bothered by it, I took it as a dad thing and continued to look out the window. "So why'd you marry my mom?" I said taking my attention from away from the window, and looking over to him. 

"I like her vibe and shit, she cool, and she doesn't try to tie me down unlike them other hoes that throw themselves at me." I laughed a little to myself. "What's funny?" He said furrowing his eyebrows, "You are very explicit, and straight forward." August smiled. "I've been told that before.." I nodded. "Being around me, you can be chill. I ain't the type that's mean as fuck, but that doesn't mean i'ma let you run all over me. I ain't lettin' that happen, aight?" August looked at me and I looked at him "Alright." I said bobbing my head.  


I am really debating on doing this book, it's up to you guys if you want me to continue. 

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