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Dear readers,

Hello once again! Here's yet another yandere trash novel about falling in love with a psychopath. Why I love psychopaths, I'll never know! But apparently some people love them as much as I do, because my stories are getting a lot of attention and a lot of love!

My number of followers increased by about 50% since I finished Hennessey, and before that, it DOUBLED when Silken Shackles was published!

Please comment about which of my books is your favorite. Leave a reason why and you'll be put in a review thing in my notebook.

Also, I posted this on my wall, I'm doing a Q+A. Anyone who gives any questions (literally any) before August 20th will be answered in a special chapter in my notebook. Please ask questions! I like to feel as tho people care about me and not just my books.

Anyway, this story is loosely based off the crime commited in the 60's. A family was held captive in their own home and murdered one by one until the killer kidnapped a girl and held her hostage until his demands were met.

I don't remember the name of the criminal, but when I do, I shall edit this chapter.

*age difference
*sexual abuse
*physical abuse
*abuse in general
*bad parents in general
*sadistic dad
*daddy issues

Anyway, leave a comment about your favorite yandere story. It doesn't have to be mine. In fact, it shouldn't be. Who's your favorite yandere writer? Tag them!

Thank you, have a nice day, y'all. Vote and comment please!


(PS: writing with writer's block feels like:)

(PS: writing with writer's block feels like:)

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