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(The girl you see at the right is TASha with the no.14463673..Incase you want to know how she looks like and not get confused with that toothbrush picture-)

Have you ever thought of how much advanced the future can be??So much of advance things would have discovered and so much of progress but then again there is one slight failure. Things are so advanced and modern that people do not know how to use the simple materials that are given to them. Well if u have not started thinking then do it now.. cauz my story is going to take you to a new kind of vision to things.I hope you enjoy reading it.:)

It was a stormy night and suddenly a lighting took place. Then there in-front of me stood a HUGE robot. It was like no other ordinary robot. Its functions seemed to be more advanced and complicated but for some reason I felt that it was an evil bot who was about to attack me.Well I wasn't wrong about that after taking a few steps he grabbed me and then threw me right into the thin air.Then suddenly all my vision started getting blurry then I heard a BEEP BEEP Sound.

"Wake up{BEEP} Its 7th April 3010{BEEP} School today{BEEP}" said a robotic voice.

When I started analyzing the situation. I realized that I had actually been dreaming and there was no one throwing me in thin air. Ah.. I took a sigh of relief and then said to my self THANK GOD it was just a dream. While I was busy saying those thoughts to myself. My nano- bot which I Have named as Ted had raised my bed upwards due to which I ended up sliding down the bed and my feet touching the ground.For a while I was surprised. Then again Ted started to speak.

"You will get late for school{BEEP},You need to hurry{BEEP}"

"Oh..No.. if I am late again than the school security bots wont let me in.Hey Ted could you use your teleportal to send me to school??"I said.

"Yes{BEEP} Just stay where you are{BEEP}Don't move{BEEP}"

"Oh great,, You might start now"

"As You wish{BEEP} TELEPORATION in 5.....4.....3.....2....1 {BEEP}"

As soon as he finished the count down I landed in the nearby school area. Then I was just about to walk when some familiar voice called out"Hey Tasha"

I quickly looked around and it was Iyaz who called out. Keeping a smile in my face I replied a simple "Hey"

"So, You used the Teleportation again huh??"he asked casually.

"Ya.. what to do? I ended up waking late today also"I said.

"Well.. I can see that. Your ER.. Still in you pj's " he pointed out to what I was wearing.

"Omg, I forgot to change in a hurry.Damn.. If anyone sees me like this I am screwed."

"Hm.. Since when did you start caring about your looks??" he said with a puzzled expression in his face.

"Obviously.. I don't even care about my looks, but I Can't possibly wear my pjs to school. Can I?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well.. Your um.. Unpredictable so who knows maybe you would"he said with a smile on his face.

"Jeez.. just because I don't really care what I wear doesn't mean that I would just walk in my pj's you know. That would be humiliating even for a girl like me"I said looking pissed.

"Hahaha I Get it.. anyways have no FEAR when Iyaz is here. Lucky for you I have some clothes of my sister in my router which she does not want anymore."

"Works for me.Anything but this"I said pointing to the clothes I was wearing.

"Okay then stand there" he said.


Then there was a bright light that came from his router and then I was dressed in some clothes that I would never ever would have worn in my life. It was a strapless top with a mini tank top. Ugh.. I felt so sick.

"Eww.. I will have to go the rest of my day wearing this"

"Hey now stop complaining okay. Hurry up now we are getting late for class"

After that we went to our class together. On the way everyone was staring at me and I tell you I was not feeling comfortable at all. Passing through all the people in the corridors we finally got into our classes.Everyone was looking at me god Isn't it the most horrible day of my life or what??

So I gave everyone a glare and then they all finally looked away.Then Iyaz and me went to our seats at the back of the class. Even then I knew they were still staring at me.Then the teacher started talking something about some laptop and all.Today the whole day was full of stares at me and then Iyaz knew how awkward I was feeling so he helped me ignore the people by fooling around and stuffs like that. Then finally it was time to go home. Ah.. I was so glad about it and I left the school corridors in a hurry and went where Ted was standing.

"Ted lets go home as quick as possible" I said.

"Okay{BEEP}" he said.

Then the next thing I know we are in full speed and due to that all the scene-nary was so blurry I couldn't make out what they were. Then we reached home and as soon as we reached there I went to my room and changed into one of my comfy tee and jeans.

"Ah.. much better now." I said to myself.

After that I didn't know what I wanted to do so I just took out my virtual console 360 and started to play a game of merches with a person in a virtual world.

After that I was just too bothered to do anything so I just went right to my bed.When I jumped in my teeth started to hurt a little "Oww.. stupid teeth"I mumble and then went for a sleep.