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turns out that i didn't make it to the big company. i was sad at first, but then i managed to ignore this whole situation, realizing that this may lead me to something bigger. on the following days, david married jason's mom, making me really confused, not knowing how to react about his stupid decision. however, at the end, we all laughed about it. then, it was june, everything went a little crazy in my life, so i was really focused on my work, doing a feel trips with the companies i was working with, me and david not really having time just for us. also, he was busy with his career too, so we both needed a break.

with that, we decided to get away for a couple of days on my birthday. we rented an airbnb in la, but in some kind of forest, so it was isolated from the city, i don't really know to explain. it was an hour drive away from where we lived, so we packed everything and hopped inside his tesla to drive to where we wanted to go. i was driving, since david's license expired, so he was on the passenger seat, picking every song that played on the radio. i, obviously, complained, not wanting to hear 'dancing queen' for the 500th time. "if i let you choose you'll pick one direction!" he exclaimed.

"okay, that's a lie" i raised one finger, giving him quick glances.

"then tell me what you wanted to play" i saw him crossing his arms.

"definitely not harry styles's album" i joked, earning a chuckle from him. 

"see," david ran his hand through his hair. "you're very predictable, lia"

i gasped. "fuck you!" 

we continued with our meaningless little fights until we got there. it was about to get dark when i parked in front of the rustic cabin we rented. "i'm scared of staying here" he looked around and then stayed with his gaze on me.

"what? why?" i frowned.

"i will feel exposed" his answer made me laugh. "i'm serious! what if we want to have sex? there's glass everywhere, people will see it!"

i shook my head. "david, there's literally no one around, we are in the middle of a forest, no one will see us" 

"yeah, but..." 

i cut him off. "babe, can't you do this for me?" i pouted. "it's my birthday tomorrow and i just want to spend it with you"

he leaned in and pecked my lips. "i didn't say we couldn't stay... i kinda like the idea of being caught" he murmured, making me laugh.

i pushed him away. "we should hop off, come on" and so we did, grabbing the stuff we brought with us. i grabbed the keys inside my pocket, opening the front door for us. "wow, it's way nicer in person" i commented, dropping my bag on the ground. 

david copied my action, taking a step further to the living room. "it really is" he sat down on the couch. "this is perfect, holy shit" he sunk down on the cushion. then, he offered me his hand, leading me to sit down on his lap. 

i adjusted myself, sitting between his legs. "i like this" i mumbled feeling david rub his thumb on my stomach over the shirt. "i could stay here all night" i looked at him, leaning forward to leave a quick peck on his lips.

he wetted it with his tongue, smiling. "me too"

i took a deep breath. "but i'm also very hungry and i need to do something for us to eat"

"i think we can stay here a little longer" david kissed my cheek making me grin.

"it will be fast, i promise" i put my hands on his wrists so i could get away from his grip. "oh look, they left a welcome note here" i said when i stood up, grabbing the paper on top of the burning stove. i left inside my purse and grabbed the bags with the food to make something for us to eat.

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