Part 24

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I rush out of the room with relief.

I'm finally free!!!

I breathe the fresh air and smiled.


Though the breakfast was good, I can't even eat peacefully!!! Wahh!

Wait. Is Lily here?

I walk around and try to look for Lily but found someone else instead.

"Eh?" His voice, confused.

"En!" I smiled at the familiar face.

"Miss Eve?"

"Romeo? What are you doing here???" I asks him as I smile at him. We met a lot of times, secretly. He was my ears while I was away from the Vangelia Mansion.

"I am here because—"

"Oh my god, did you come here to be my bodyguard!!!! Well then, let's go to the courtyard!!" I dragged him by the sleeve and mischievously smiled.

"Miss Eve?!" He was surprised at the sudden tug.

What???? I know that was a bit mean but I...I just wanted to know more about him!!! Hehe...

In about a few minutes later, we were in the courtyard. Nobody was here and it's peaceful.

I was sipping tea and Romeo was just obedient and standing by my side.

I mean, I pay him.

"Spill the tea,
what happen these few days while I was grounded?" I asks Romeo who was filling my tea. Hah.

Romeo retreated to my side with his hands together in front of him.

"Miss Eve—"

"Call me Eve."

"Ahem, Eve. After you were grounded, Miss Riya have been trying hard to heal her sprain ankle. One of her friends told her that You and Mr. Jerio has a good relationship and so she has been cursing you and cursing her sprained ankle," his eyes showed amusement as he talked away.

My mouth formed into an 'oh' shape and then giggled.

He continues.

Oh, there's more?

"Miss Riya has also try to curry favor from her father when her father asks for you. And I think that's it. They don't know anything about you being the boss of the company or your true self." He assured me as I sip the tea.

I set the tea down.

I smiled at him and reach out for something.

"You did a good job. Here. That's a gift for your mother. By the way, speaking of mothers, how's your mother by the way?" I asks him as I handed him the gift.

He smiled.

"She's doing good because of you. She had a successful surgery on her transplant. I thank you again for saving my mother." He slightly bows at me.

I shook my head and laugh.

"No, no. I'm just doing what I can do to help. It's no biggie. Anyway, if my damn mother threatens you about your mother, just go along with it and report to me." I smile at him, sweetly as he nods.

In Eve's past life, Romeo was a part of the murder incident. When Eve was sentence in jail, he felt guilty. He had to do it so that Eve's mother could help his mother's  transplant since they were low on money.

But after he did it, his mother died after she found out about it and he was devastated through the whole month and Romeo died in September through suicide and depression.

And in this life, I will make sure Romeo lives a peaceful life and lives without worry!!! Yosha!!!!

"Miss Eve?" A maid called out.

"Yes!" I answered her with energy.

"Someone is waiting for you in the living room. He said he was—"

"Okay! Thank you! I know who he is! Tell him to wait for me!" I said and left the courtyard with Romeo.

I went into the room to look for an outfit. Romeo was outside of the room.


"Miss Eve s-said that she w-will be out in while and asks y-you to wait to h-her, Mr. Jerio..." The maid blushes furiously and takes little peeks at him.

He glared at her and shooed her away. She timidly walks away.

After a few minutes, he hears a cheerful voice.

"Sorry! Have you been waiting long, Zen!!"


I was listening to BTS music while writing this!

You make me a boy with luv~~

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