🌎 Kentucky, United States 🌎

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Hello friends!,

     Xx_believeinyou_xX here!

Let's talk about Kentucky! This state is filled with farms and small towns. But it has the well known Kentucky Horse Derby.

During the derby, people from all over the country come to watch horses race. It's actually pretty interesting so that would be something to check out if you are here.

We have many historic places in Kentucky!! There are soo many it's hard to list!

Also there are many caves in Kentucky. Mammoth Cave is a great cave to visit. Be sure to pack your gear!

Frankfort is the capital of Kentucky! If you ever pass by enjoy the view of the buildings!!

We also have many theatrical places in Lexington. The buildings are very tall.

Anyways that's all I have now!

Hope you have an amazing day!!

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