10. Fated Incidence

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So much hurtful sentence down there, read on your own.

Riona POV

Prince Gale and Prince Cassius has given us a ride to the edge of the village. Kenna was leading the way holding my hand and I was just following her looking at the ground. I was in shocked by the previous incidence, I can not able to think straight. My breath was in pants, I can feel sweats rolling down my neck even after this constant decreasing in the temperature.

I do not know why, but there is something off tonight, I was not feeling good tonight. I looked up and saw the empty sky without the moon, stars had already hidden behind the clouds. The winds are colder than usual. I was so eluded in my thoughts that I stumbled when I walked into a small soil dunes as we marched towards our house.

"Hey! Keep your eyes on the path, do you." Keena said turning toward me, "We are almost home."

We were outside our house, we reached the door and Kenna approaches for knocking at the door. But I did not hear her knocking, which made me look to her questionably, instead she lean into the door tried to listen something. I was about to asked her the reason but suddenly the door opened, which made me jump in my place.

I saw my mamma looking at us surprisingly.

I smiled at her, "Mamma."

She suddenly turned to me and weakly smiled at me, "Riona I want you to go your room now," she specifically said to me sternly. I started getting some weird types of feeling now.

I wanted to question her something but a gloomy looking old women came behind her and gently squeeze her elbow. I eyed her narrowing my eyes but she gave me a gentle smile instead. I felt Kenna tensed besides me.

I nodded and started walking to our room grabbing Kenna with me.

"We need to talk Kenna," mother interrupted raising her eyebrows, "Riona go for yourself." she ended the conversation and took away Kenna from my hold.

I noticed Kenna heavily moisten eyes, I started proceeding toward her but that women from previous stopped me, "No my child, it is not suitable for you to go there and witness what is going to be happened. Better stay at your room and pretend you were never here."

Her poisonous words stabbed through my heart. The teardrop rolled off my cheek without my notice. She raised her hand to wipe it off but I backed off and wipes it myself.

"Talk for yourself," I snapped and walked past her after my mother and Kenna. When I reached there, I found several middle aged women and than my attention goes to a women slightly older than my mother checking Kenna nerves. I got worried, I found my father looking towards me blankly. I wanted to ask father this time but that women who was checking Kenna before interrupted, "She is carrying."

Every women gasped and began chattering to themselves.

Before she said any further father got up from his seat, his face was burning. This was the first time when I witness father this angry. I did not able to understand why he was angry, what was the reason. I noticed mother face crunched with disgust. Kenna started crying holding her stomach.

It took me sometime to understand but I was  able to untangled the real situation. I looked toward her face, I was so happy for her, she is carrying Prince Gale blood.

I felt someone behind me, a fault smell filled my nose as it crunched and I closes my nose, I looked behind getting further from her, 'women we meet in the door', she smiled at me showing her charcoal teeth. I turned and about to reached Kenna but two women approaches me, furthering me away from her and hold me in my place.

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