Not Greedy

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Human mind isn't greedy ,
It's idiotic .
It's dumb.
It's a fool.
Asking for thing that doesn't matter
Thing that are your wants ;not needs
Things you always had but never appreciated.
Now you want it .
Two people fighting inside you ,
Arguing over each other .
Tired you let a tear slip
And it sliped, and sliped,
Didn't stopped at all.
How vulnerable you feel .
How worthless you feel .
How tired you feel .
A painful tug in your chest .
You keep asking for,
anything and everything .
It's not enough never enough
Shut it up; shut it down
Shut up ,shut up .
How can you silence a chaotic silence..?
Human mind isn't greedy,
It's just idiotic.
It's dumb.
It's a fool...

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