First Kiss (Petyr Baelish x Reader)

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At what point do you tire of having to hold the strength to continue?  The land was dark, and yet there you strode, your stone faced gaze fixated on the beauty around you.  There was the knowing in your heart that you would be able to run away from it all. You were no captive, and yet you had become captive of your own pride.  

You had begun questioning yourself once your gaze had caught grey green eyes, snake eyes.  The man was playing his game, and you had caught that from the moment he strode into the palace.  Though you had been Lysa's elder daughter, you were significantly more beautiful than your mother, and you had watched those grey green eyes stray to you before he had set his pawn into place.  

By this point, the snake likely played with more than just pawns, though.  His charm had dragged you in nonetheless, and you had led to your mother's downfall.  Down in the courtyard, you were asked to stroll with Petyr, and you had obliged with your cold eyes.  They twinkled for a moment, as your heart had sped up. This was the moment that the man placed a slender hand upon your back, guiding you to a quiet place in the courtyard.  

You knew what the man was doing, and you nearly died allowing him to fulfill his purpose.  The moment his lips had connected with your own in a tender, yet dominant way, you thought to push the man away.  It was wrong for your mother's betrothed to be alone in that courtyard with you, let alone to have his lips upon your own.  Something about that kiss had changed you, though, and for more than a split second you had kissed the man back.  

He was taken aback by this, it seemed, as he just simply gazed into your eyes with your own grey green orbs.  Looking back to the fateful night when your mother truly flew for the first and last time, you wondered if maybe it was the Tully look that made the snake stare a little longer.  After all, he had loved your aunt, and your aunt held the Tully features as you do.  

Gripping the edge of the balcony tightly, you thought about that moment, and how you had allowed your strength to falter for a moment.  It was a simple moment, and it had led to the world tumbling. Your own mother had dragged you to the sky door, screaming profanities at you.  

If it were not for the snake whom had brought you into his game, you would have been the one pushed out of the sky door.  Instead, he had pushed your mother, in a sense, saving your life. The whole situation could have been avoided if you did not allow your strength to falter. 

"Late night, my lady?" You could hear the snake whisper behind you, practically in your ear.  Shook from your thoughts, you gripped the balcony tighter, nearly leaving your knuckles white.  Though you did not know the full extent of the man's game, it was not that he truly made you nervous - it was that he had the ability to shake your strength.  

You did not turn your softening gaze to him, instead willing yourself to focus upon the land past the balcony, as if focusing upon it would allow you to keep your visage.  "Indeed, my Lord," you said simply, attempting to relax yourself. As you did so, you allowed your grip to loosen, and a breath you did not know you were holding to release.  

Feeling the man's slender fingers upon your back once more caused your breath to hitch in your throat.  "You should not dwell upon the accident that transpired," he said softly in his ear, so close that you could feel his hot breath upon your ear.  "And please, call me Petyr."

Visibly, you shivered, which caused your lips to curl into more of a smirk, aware of the effect he had upon you.  "No need to worry, Petyr," you replied plainly, trying to push off the feeling bubbling inside of you. The way his name felt upon your lips felt different, and you desired to say it once more.  Maybe you even desired to scream it, but that would simply be a lapse of your own strength. 

"Would it be inappropriate to ask for your lips?" He mused out, partly to himself, but loud enough that he knew you would hear.  Petyr wanted you to hear, and he wanted the effect he had on you to take hold.  

As much as you were attempting to fight it, desire was starting to take hold.  "You have no gain upon reclaiming my lips," you said softly, almost inaudible as you felt yourself start to slip.  You wanted to just say yes. You wanted to feel those tender lips once more.  

He chuckled, and you noted how his laughter was almost hollow in a sense.  It was devoid of something that you could not quite place. "If it allowed me to gain the affection of a beautiful woman, would that not be an achievement?" He replied slyly, the smirk practically radiating through his voice as he spoke. 

"You are charming, Petyr, but do you believe I will fall for your act?" You asked, turning your face towards him.  Your eyebrow raised, awaiting his response, though your eyes had met his green gray eyes. Instantly, you regretted catching his gaze, because just as before, you were falling into the trance of those gray green eyes.  

While you were facing him, you could see the smirk upon his face, as well as his handsome features in the moonlight.  When he had reached forward and cupped your chin, you wanted to push away. At least, your head told you that you wished to push away.  Your heart was drawn towards him, and despite yourself, you relaxed into his touch.  

"It is no act that I desire you," he said softly, staring directly at your lips.  His prize was in sight, and the gap was slowly closing. These were the last few moments that you had to stop it, to push him away, and to run away from it all.  

It was as if he was teasing you with the kiss, closing the gap so slowly that you could feel his hot breath upon your lips before he had truly closed it.  This kiss was different than before, and you had noted that as you felt his lips collide with your own. He took dominance in the kiss, pressed passionately against your own.  Though your mind screamed for you to fight it, you kissed him in return passionately, yet submissively.  

It took no time for him to slip his tongue against your bottom lip, while his slender hands moved to your waist, pulling you closer.  The pull had given you a shock, causing you to gasp and allow him to slip his tongue inside your mouth. His tongue battled against your own for dominance, winning within moments and exploring your wet cavern.  You were not sure at what point your arms made their way around his neck, but they pulled the snake even closer to you.  

As the two of you separated, he rested his forehead against your own, staring into your Tully eyes with his own gray green eyes.  You had failed to be strong in that moment, and the way his arms felt around you made you want to stay. Though you knew that man had killed your mother, you were drawn to him still. 

"You have the beautiful Tully eyes, just like your aunt," he whispered as he gazed at you. 

It seemed like a backwards compliment, and yet you still were swept into another feverent kiss, your lips moving skillfully against his.  What this snake had not known through all the madness he had, and all he would put you through, was that those lips against yours in the courtyard was your very first kiss.  

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