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Trigger Warning: This story contains references to suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Dear Readers:

THE MERMAID HYPOTHESIS is now part of Wattpad's Paid Story program. You will be prompted for Coins to read past Chapter 9. Once completed, there will be 40 chapters in all. If you prefer to read free stories, my most popular stories are still free on my profile. I'd love for you to read them!

I first posted THE MERMAID HYPOTHESIS in 2016, and it's been an amazing journey to see so many readers come to love these characters as much as I do. Around that same time in 2016, I got my first book deal for FOLLOW ME BACK and made the leap to writing books as a career, not just a hobby anymore! That means I have to make a living off it somehow, and I try to strike a balance between free content and paid books for those who are able to help support my writing.

With my published books (FOLLOW ME BACK, TELL ME NO LIES, and coming soon SCARED LITTLE RABBITS!), I maintain a free first draft on Wattpad with the final, fully edited book available to purchase through bookstores. I'm trying something different with THE MERMAID HYPOTHESIS. The Wattpad Paid Story program will allow me to make a fully edited version available right here on wattpad.

Finally, let me end by saying this: Writing is my dream job, but it's an incredibly tough way to make a living. The same goes for a lot of your favorite authors, not just me! If you're able to help an author by paying for their published books or paying Coins for one of their stories, I hope you will. Your support is the only thing that stands between their success or failure, and I guarantee you'll have their undying gratitude in return. I know that you have mine. THANK YOU!!! ❤️

Much love,


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