Chapter 5- The Arrival❤️

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I'm going crazy! I've got Dylan shouting commands, Emmet crunching on his food and making mike go crazy

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I'm going crazy! I've got Dylan shouting commands, Emmet crunching on his food and making mike go crazy. I'm in the front driving, so. I can't turn around and sort it out. God, we have only been on the road for about 2 hours, we have still have like 5 more hours.

"BE QUITE!" I shout

Once we are at a traffic lights I turn back to give the boys a little piece of my mind, but when I turn around. Most of them are asleep except from Dylan and Brandon They smile and I smile back at them. They smile back, I turn into taco bell and I can hear that Dylan and Brandon are celebrating silently, not waking the others. I order for all of us and drive to the next window, I pay and we get our food. I throw Brandon and Dylan food to them. Driving out of taco Bell, I open my fries and start eating. We drive for another 2 hours when every one else starts to wake up. I throw them all their food and some water, they starts eating like they have been starved for 2 days. The mess in this car is going to be bad.

I stop the car and we all climb out, it's now 8:00pm and we all are tierd, hot and botherd. We are now at the hospital, where my daughter lays, after a car accident. My stupid ex- wife can't drive and hurt my only, precious daughter. I am so angry but I don't show it in front of the boys. All of the boys are excited. We walk into the hospital, it is mostly quite. I walk to the front desk, and smile.
"I'm here for Rosabell Lilly Kline?" I say, more like ask. She nods and types something on the computer. She smiles
"She's in room 214, second floor to the leftl!" she says, I thank her and starts to walk up, with my big family behind me. We have to take 2 elevators up, since we all can't fit into one. We reach the room, I get put my hand. Trying to not shake, or scream. I open the door, with a creak I can see the hospital bed and my limp, pale daughter laid there. Her little Button nose and her lovely, blond hair. Her left wrist in a little black support and her cut on her forehead. She is so cute and precious I feel like I need to protect her from everything evil in this world. After 5 minuets of just looking at my daughter, my sons walk into the room. My sons gasp as they see the once, little girl grown up into a teenager. I smile at them and Dylan goes over and holds her right hand. I smile at that and we hear a tiny little moan, I turn to see that my little girl is waking up, I smile as she rubs her eyes with one hand. She opens her eyes, and at first she looks confused but realisation covers her face as she looks at Dylan.....
New Chapter! I can't wait to get into this story and be able to show you guys what I have got in mind for this story! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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