New Tactics

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"Couldn't you for once have your hands tied to you? He is heavily injured now. When will you ever change?", he shouted.

I am Tanya, Tomboy Tanya, that's what people called me around here. I turned eighteen two months ago. The one, who shouted just now, is my dad. The thing that he so dearly wants me to change is my tomboyishness, if that is at all a word. I won't tell that I am not normal or anything. Yes, I am a girl but a little crooked here and there.

Yet another school expelled me today. And dad is so pissed about it. He is taking me home, where I am sure an equally pissed, if not more, mom was waiting for me. They are angry on me, when I had nothing to do with the principal's decision. I mean, I may or may not have influenced her by the fight I had in the morning. But that was definitely not my mistake. It was the prick who kept stalking my friend, despite her refusal. It was as though, he didn't know the meaning of no. I may or may not have taught him a good lesson in a bit tough way. I mean, he did get a broken nose and few broken ribs here and there. But someone had to teach him properly right?

The car came to a halt with me dashing into the front seat. I glared at dad for coming to a sudden stop. He glared back at me with greater intensity.


I looked out of the window to see that we had reached home. Couldn't he have said it in a softer manner?

I grunted while climbing down the car along with my sling bag. Once I stepped out he drove past park the car in the garage.

I moved up to my house porch, while he did so. I tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge a bit. Giving up, I rang the doorbell. This was one of my mom's tactics when she wanted to have a face to face talk. I should've known that she would be doing it today.

"So glad to have your presence at home, when you were supposed to be attending your classes.", she said with fake enthusiasm. She believes that the only way you can irritate the other person was by talking with sarcasm dripping in every syllable. It was indeed true, considering I had been greeted the same way for the past few months.

I welcomed myself in, striding past her. I tried to go upstairs to my room before she could stop me, to have the talk with her, but no, she had different plans.

"Tanya Walter, stop right there before I break that leg of yours.", she yelled.

I retracted my lifted leg before going back to the living room, to have the inevitable talk.

I slumped down on the couch while mom joined me taking a seat across from me. Before she could speak up, dad came in.

"Better talk some sense into her.", he yelled before going to his room.

"Tanya, when will you ever behave as a girl you are?", she asked.

When she saw that I was not going to be answering her anytime soon, she continued.

"You have been expelled for the second time this year. This is your senior year. What kind of report do you expect to get with such a behavior?"

I tuned out the rest of the conversation, until she was fed up with my attitude that she herself sent me to my room.

I was used to this by now.

I mean, having been expelled once already, does give you some experience right?

I mean, I don't willingly go looking for trouble; it's just that pricks and bitches don't go well with me.

First time, it was the 'queen bee' of the school. Her squeaky voice was irritating me. She kept complaining that she was feeling hot and crowded in my presence. I just helped her out by pouring down my cold coffee down her head. She just happened to be the principal's niece, making me expelled.

Today, that bastard took the turn. I mean, even it was me trying to help him. I was trying to teach him what his parents had forgotten. But the people around me just don't get it.

I am sure I will be put into a new school, first thing tomorrow morning. I will have to deal with yet another bunch bitches to finally settle down just for me to leave because of yet another problem.

I changed into my long black button down shirt and trousers and decided to sleep off the whole day.

~Next Day~

I woke pretty early for a school day. But that was due to my grumbling stomach. Skipping two meals didn't go well with my stomach.

I changed into a comfy t-shirt tucked inside the denim pants with the blue cap comfortably latched onto its loop.

I put my hair into high pony before heading down, taking along my bag on the way.

After getting myself some food, I settled on the kitchen table.

My parents entered the room with broody look on their faces. Seeing that I was already ready, they didn't trouble themselves into talking to me.

Once I was done with my breakfast, I went ahead to wait in the car. Soon enough, both of them joined me.

I plugged in my earphones and engrossed myself into the music, until the car came to a stop, slowly compared to the other day.

I stepped out taking the bag along, before he went ahead to park it in a free slot.

"Are you kidding me?", I said looking at the building in front of me.

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