Untitled Part 4

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Jorges Pov. 

"Where are you from? I like that accent.", he winked at me. I felt my face get hot: "I live in Barcelona, well I lived." He looked at me amazed: "Spain? That's so cool, bro. Why did you move to Canada? Especially in the middle of the school year?" 

Again I looked behind me to Benji, I saw him staring. "My mum made us move because she's marring someone who lives here." He smiled. I appreciate that he didn't asked more questions about it. "So are you a Senior?" 

"Uhm. I actually don't know. I'm in 11th grade but no plan what that makes me." Noen grinned: "So you are a Junior. That's cool, so we are in the same grade. Who knows maybe we have some classes together." I smiled and nodded in agreement.  

When the bus stopped everyone gets out. It was kinda crowded and I didn't get the chance to say goodbye to Noen. As I stand in front of the school I noticed, that I have absolutely no plan where I should go. 

Suddenly I was turned around by the shoulder. "You could have waited for me." said Benji in a reproachfully way. I rolled my eyes: "Yeah sure, I'm so sorry you have been nothing but nice and I'm so ungrateful. Please forgive me", I said sarcastically.  

His face began to redden out of anger: "You attitude want help you making any friends. You may want to chance that or stay alone. I don't care."

I felt my eyes watering a bit and looked at the ground. The sound of the bell saved me of thinking too long about it. "Come on Jorge. I'll show you your classrooms." He took my hand in his, a little too tight, and guided me throw the hallway. "You have two lessons of math in 102 now and afterwords science in room 105." He pointed to the doors for me. 

Benji wanted to knock on the door but stopped in the motion: "You can find me in the lunch break and I'll introduce you to some of my friends." His eyes were felt with guilt and sorry. I guess it was his way of apologizing. 

I just pushed him away: "Fuck off, I really don't wanna spend more time with you than I must." Then I knocked at the door and entered the class. Math was boring. I have the advanced class, which I honestly don't understand because I nearly failed math back in Spain. 

Science on the other hand was fun. I shared the class with Noen. He was so nice and fun to talk to. Before the bell rang I asked him if he wanted to spend the lunch break with me. "Yes, of course. I was just about to ask you the same. You can sit with my friends, no worries I bet they like you."

In the cafeteria we sat down at a table with a black haired boy and blond boy. "Syd, Chase this is Jorge. Jorge this is Syd and Chase." he introduce me to them. A black haired girl joined us, she wears way too much blush but it strongly suited her. She had a cupcake in her hand. "Hey Addy, didn't you have a lactose intolerance?" Syd greeted her and pointed hungrily at the cupcake. 

Addy rolled her eyes as she sat down: "Yeah I do and this one is for Benji. He was so upset in first period and I want to cheer him up." Surprised I looked up : "B-benji?" She gave me a kind of mean look: "Yes Benji and who are you?"

Chase petted me up cheering on the shoulder: "This is Jorge, he's our new friend. Don't take it too personally Jorge, Addy is just very protective over her crush." "'AM NOT", she said loudly. "I mean I don't have a crush on him. Shut up" Everyone else started chuckling. 

"Guys what's so funny?" I heard Benji say as he took the seat next to me. 

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