Chapter Four: His Mission

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Everything was at a daze. I felt like i couldn't move. I opened my eyes halfway and saw nothing but a blur, "You're awake." I heard a familiar voice say as she sigh in relief. "Violet?" I mumble, my sight coming back. I saw Violet now more clearly, her eyes were red, her cheeks were wet with tear stains.

She had a few bandages wrapped around her. I could hear a beeping sound from a monitor, it was my heart. I had an IV beside me too. I was confined in a comfy bed, the walls were painted white. I was about to sit up when Violet protested, "Don't move! The shot is still not healed yet. You need to rest." Violet frowned.

Then, everything began to unfold. The scene that had happened, the reason that i ended up here. The reason i felt like someone was missing. "(y/n)..." I murmur and looked at Violet, "(y/n)! I need to get (y/n) back!" I began to sit up but a sharp pain travelled through me as i layed down and groan in pain.

I roll to my side and began to force myself to suck in the pain and stand up. "Simon, stop it!" Violet scowled and pushed me back. "I don't wanna lose you again!" Violet sob, "Violet, (y/n) is--" Violet bit her bottom lip and slammed her hands at the bed.

"God damn it Simon! The mission ends now! I don't want to protect her anymore! I don't wanna lose you Simon, i don't want you to leave me here," Violet crashed down, "You're such an oblivious prick!" She bit her bottom lip.

"Violet, i don't care about the mission. I just want (y/n), i want her back. I can't lose someone i love again, not someone who i lost to the same person." I frowned. Violet stood up, her scowl not disappearing from her face. "You're stupid." She galred at me, "And i love her."

Just then, we heard someone enter inside the room. Violet turned around and i looked at them. It was Dean and Abigail, they stood there at the doorway. "Get the hell away from us!" Violet screamed as she steppwd forward, "If we weren't to protect (y/n), this wouldn't happen to my brother!" Violet pointed at me.

Dean and Abigail frowned, but miss Abigail's reaction surprised me most. I never saw her show emotions to anyone that easily. "Violet i--" Abigail was cut off by Violet continuing on, "I don't fucking care anymore! Get out! Get out i say!" She growled.

Dean stepped in front of her mother and looked at Violet, "We're sorry, really. It is us who is at fault, for putting you two in this situation. We'll pay the hospital bill, everything. Just please, hear us out." Dean plead with a frown on his face.

"You can have your money, we can manage." Violet spat as she glared at Dean. "What is it?" I interrupted, Violet turned to look at me with a disbelief look on her face. Abigail raised a brow and Dean smiled, "Its about (y/n) Simon." Dean blurted out and i immediately began to lift myself up when Dean walked towards me and pushed me back at the bed.

"Where is she?" I asked, my eyes searching around the room for her presence. "She's...she's not here. When we arrived, we were too late. The plane already left and you two were the only one's in sight," he sigh. "But, we had someone to follow the plane, but it would take a few days to find what country they went to." Dean continued on and i sigh in relief, but a part of me wanted to move and find her on my own.

I looked away from them and to my palm. My memory flashed back when i once caressed her cheek, told her everything to make her feel safe. "You do know that we know that you're pretty much in love with her right?" Dean interrupted my thoughts and i just smiled, not tearing away from my palm. "Since when?" I asked, "Since pretty much you two got close together, that's why were here to help." Abigail answered.

I turned to look at them, Dean has his arms crossed with a brow raised and a smirk on his face. "Once we know the country, you nee--" Dean was interrupted by Violet abruptly speaking, "Simon isn't going to any country. I don't wanna see him crawling back again half-dead!" Violet scowled at them.

Dean tear his gaze away from Violet and just looked at me, "Simon, this isn't our mission. Its your mission. But you have a choice, either leave her be or--" i cut him off and spoke immediately, "I have no other choice. I'm going to save her. Even if it cost my death, i'll do it."

Dean chuckle, "Good, we'll send you to the country once we know. But as for now, its still encrypted. Goodluck to you, Simon." Dean nod his head and i nod back as they both left the room.

Violet went towards me, full of hatred in her eyes. "Do you really want to die out there Simon?" Violet cried, "Violet, you know i have a--" she shook her head no and covered my mouth, "Call it plan B, C or D. But i will not let you go. You barely can even stand up in this state!"

I stayed silent and let her continue on whining, "(y/n)'s fine! You're the one who has the bullet holes!" She growl, feeling frustrated. I looked at her right in her eyes and finally spoke, "These are just bullet holes that won't last for a lifetime. But (y/n)'s bruises will," Violet didn't respond and just stared at me this time, she closed her mouth close.

I let myself continue on, "If you want me to be happy, this is the least you could do." I stated and she just stayed still, gritting her teeth and clenching her fist. "You don't know how much pain this is giving me Simon, you don't know!" She cried and went out of the room, slamming the door close along the way.

I sigh and looked up at the ceiling. Just then, i heard someone come in. It was a nurse with her white attire on. She has hazel brown hair that was tied up in a bun and a hospital mouth mask, her eyes were a dark brown hazel as she held a tray of empty syringes, the only thing was left was a syringe with yellow-ish liquid.

She went up to me and spoke, "Your hand, please." She asked politely, making no eye contact with me. I began to grow suspicious, my instincts telling me that something wasn't right with her.

I ignored it and just obeyed. She picked up the syringe that was filled with yellow-ish fluid and pricked it, making contact with my skin as it felt like an ant bit me. I stared at her then, my instincts spiked through me.

Then i saw what was wrong. She wasn't the nurse that Dean assigned for me to be taken care off, amd she didn't have her name tag either. She didn't have blonde hair and tanned skin, she was someone else.

Just after the unknown fluids entered inside me, my eyesight became blurry and my eyelids became heavy. I could see the nurse's form taking off her mask with a grin on her face. She began dialing a number with her phone.

"What did you.." I mumbled but everything felt heavy, even speaking was difficult. "Sir, i got him." Was the last thing i heard as i blacked out.

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