2. Four years later/Happy Hallween

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Shoto's POV

I could hear Izuku rattling around in the shower, probably bumping into the soap rack again. I chuckled quietly to myself as I attempted to fix my collar. Nope, still sagging. "Ugh!" I grunted as I resorted to sliding in the support rods I specifically didn't want to use. Frowning slightly, I adjusted my now upright red and black collar to sit my comfortably on my neck. This time I succeeded. I heard a chuckle behind me.

"Can't get the collar to sit straight?" I turned around to see Izuku, who had a towel around his waist and nothing else. Curly green hair dripping on the carpet as he leaned on the door frame to the ensuite. I grinned as I looked him up and down, licking my lips. He playfully rolled his emerald green eyes and flapped a hand at me. Chuckling as he made his way over to his dresser and pulled out a pair of black boxers. Our relationship hasn't changed much over the last few years, he's still the love of my life, still my omega, and still as sexy as ever. I pouted at him playfully as he pulled on an under shirt. Drawing a snicker from his lips. I leaned on my own dresser, watching him as he slid his head through the neck hole of his costume.

"Are you sure your heat finished?" I asked, concerned. It wouldn't be the first time his heat had come back once he started drinking, meaning it wouldn't be the first time we'd had to do it while away from home if it did come back. It's always an awkward next morning.
"Yes I'm sure. Now stop worrying! I'll be fine."

I crossed my arms over my red vest, not entirely convinced. He sighed as he adjusted his boots, and then his hood, before coming over to me and handing me a pair of plastic fangs. "Look, if I start to feel weird I'll let you know okay? I always do." I sighed and pulled him into a hug. Of course I was worried, this was a class reunion party. He was going to be there. "It's not you I don't trust." I felt him nuzzle into my neck, purring.

"I know, but rumour has it that Ejiro's pregnant, I don't think we have anything to worry about." I pulled back, "But Eijro is going to be there, if he's pregnant he shouldn't be drinking." He raised an eyebrow at me, "Ohhhhhh." I nodded, I forgot. Eijiro doesn't drink. He didn't even drink at his wedding. He snickered and hugged me again. Reaching up and playing with my bi-coloured hair. I kissed him as he pulled away, he smiled as he kissed me back. Breaking away, he pulled me out the door and to the car, and off we drove to the Kiribaku residence. (It's just the ship name. Nobody get your panties in a twist.)

[At the party]
(Still Shoto's POV)

I could already hear the loud music blaring from inside as I climbed from the drivers seat, snapping the door shut and following Izuku up the garden parth. He rang the door bell as I came up behind him, we only waited for a moment before the door was opened to reveal the host himself.

"Trick or Treat!"


Eijro laughed at us and waved us inside, the door closing with a click behind our backs as we stood and admired the party that was already in full swing. "Welcome guys! Can I get you anything?" Izuku laughed and point to his costume. "What on earth are you wearing?" Eijro placed his hand on his chest in mock offence and then spun with a smirk, twirling around so we could see the back. "I'm Red Riot Hood of course!"

I snickered, "Was the corset really nessasary?" He shrugged with a grin, his red cape bobbing with the action. "And just what are you guys? Gone with the classics I see." Izuku smiled next to me and did a curtesy, making us both laugh. "I'm a ghost of course." (Use the picture for reference, and google Eijro, I'm I not explaining it.)

I bowed to the two, earning a chortle from my husband. "Count Icy Hot at your service." I said with a smirk. They laughed with me and the party continued on.

I bumped into old classmates and friends, catching up with each other's lives, and drank some, but I was driving home for sure, so I didn't drink to much. Izuku however almost always got wasted. A habit I've been trying to help him fix in recent years, and it's been working, but since its Halloween and we're here to drink, I let him have at it. At one stage he bumped into me and I could smell something familiar, something that made my hair stand on end and my breathe hitch.

Chocolate and oranges.

He was sweating and looked relieved to see me, clinging onto my arms like some sort of monkey. "Sh-Shoto..." he whimpered up at me, pulling on my cape. I groaned, not really caring if he heard me or not. "It's back isn't it?" I had to lean in and speak up because of the loud music, he nodded, whining at me. I sighed.

"You're so needy when you're drunk." He whimpered again, I grabbed hold of his wrist and dragged him upstairs, Izuku running into the back of me when I almost walked headlong into Ejiro who was coming out of his room. All of a sudden his lack of a baby bump was apparent. "So the rumours aren't true?" Izuku whined behind me, and I shushed him. "You're fault for getting drunk."

For some reason, I really need to know

"Haha, if you're referring to the rumours about me being pregnant no, they're not true. Besides, I usually top." He grinned me, I smirked. "So where's the grumpy bottom?" He laughed and nodded at the closed door behind him. "Asleep, can you keep a secret?" I nodded, intrigued. He waved me closer, "Being a Dad is exhausting." He pulled back, grinning. My eyes widened.

"Wait, so you-"

"Knocked him up? Yep."

He seemed right chuffed with himself, I laughed at his expression. "Where's the rug rat?" He smiled, a thing of pride at the mention of his child. "Snoozing on Papa's chest. Speaking of, I think your Omega looks like he needs attention." He wagged his eyebrows at me. All of a sudden I was very aware of a very needy Izuku tugging on my arm, I sighed. "So he does, you have a spare room?" Ejiro smirked at me. "Last door to the left. Just keep it down, if you wake Sana up I'll never hear the end of it."

I snickered at him and dragged my needy Omega down the hall, opening and locking the door behind us. He immediately smashed his lips onto mine, fiddling with my vest. I gave into the kiss quickly, walking him backwards to the bed and pushing him down.

This is gonna be a long night...

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