Chapter 15

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Hey guys! It's been a long time since I have updated so my best friend Kaitlyn told me I needed to update. Yeah, this story is about me and her and yeah my name is Courtney while hers is kaitlyn. She finally got an account on wattpad so check her out, her name is lilHazza1CM1. Lil hazza is her nickname I gave her while CM is mine and it stands for Courtney malik:)

So that was my little rant, and enjoy the story.

Chapter 15:

"Cause u gotta GET UP!!! U GOTTA WAKE UP!! U BETTER WAKE UP! IT'S TIME TO GET UP, GET UP, IT'S TIME TO GET UP!! It's time to get up.."

I woke to the screaming of Kate and the boys jumping on our bunk. Yeah, both me and zayn were perfect and enjoying our sleep before they showed up.

"GUYS GET UP!! I KNOW YOU'RE ENJOYING SLEEPING TOGETHER BUT U NEED TO GET UP!! I WANT MY COURTNEY BACK, YOU CAN'T HAVE HER ZAYN!!" Lou screamed loudly righ outside the bunk. My eyes shot open and my eyebrows went up. His Courtney? What the heck?

"your Courtney?" I asked Lou, sitting up next to zayn.

"yes MY Courtney, zayn cannot take you from me!" Lou said in a serious tone.

At what Lou just said, zayns eyes open wide, threw his arm around me and pulled me down towards him. My back hit his bare chest as he held me tight. WHOA! 6 pack much? And why the heck did I not know he wasn't wearing a shirt? We lay there cuddling facing the wall, our backs to the opening of the bunk and Louis.

"no Lou, I'm pretty sure she's mine." zayn said cooly with a smirk on his face. I felt my cheeks heat up and zayn chuckled clearly noticing my blush. Dang I guess a girls luck has to run out sometime.

The next thing I knew zayns arms were absent leaving me cold, and a thump hit the floor. I sat up so quickly I felt a little dizzy. Before I could register what happened to hands gripped my waist and was lifted into Lou's chest. Zayn was on the floor glaring up at us.

Lou looked down at zayns angry face and said "uh oh" as zayn was getting up and sprinted away with me in his arms.

The others laughed enjoying the show while Kate's laugh was the loudest.

Lou kept running until we had to stop at a dead end, I mean a bus isn't that long.

"I'm soooo dead" Lou whispered down at me. I didn't respond as zayn burst through the door looking very angry. Uh oh.

"give me my girl." zayn hissed holding his arms out for Lou to give me to him.

"here you go!!" Louis screamed pushing me into zayns firm arms and running out of the room at full speed.

"your girl?" I asked. I know out of all that happened that was the only thing on my mind. I raised my eyebrows at him as he tightened his grip on me starting to walk into the other room with our other friends.

"yes my girl." he said in a tone so serious it surprised me. "come on me and Harry are taking you and Kate shopping for the concert tonight. Even though you do look AMAZAYN in my clothes." he gave me a lop-sided grin.

"wow that is just pathetic, I thought saying things were AMAZAYN were just for the fans." I said sarcastically.

"no, me and the boys think its awesome!" he fake glared at me causing me to smile.

"oooooooo ZAYN LIKES COURTNEY! ZAYN LIKES COURTNEY!!" Kate screamed jumping around the guys. We had just walked in and one glance at me in his arms, she freaked out.

"shut up Kate!" zayn yelled at her trying to hide his smile but failing. And I could of swore I saw his cheeks turn a slight pink.

"ohmygosh!! You just blushed!!" as I joined Kate jumping around the boys as they laughed with us. Zayn looked totally embarrassed awwwww:)

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