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"hello 119, what's your sexual frustration?" the typical greeting greeted the lone boy who was bouncing happily on his bed. "yeah hi, i found out about y'all through a youtuber and i was wondering about what other services y'all offer." renjun rambles, followed by a giggle on the other line.

"i assume you watched john seo's video?" "yeah. anyways, can y'all help?" renjun asks, his voice coming off a little too giddy. "yes. so as i've said in the video, we have 8 people that cater to romantic issues a-" renjun scoffed before laughing. "my frustration is that there aren't any cute boys in my school." renjun says, sighing.

at this point, yoonoh was ready to pass the client down to one of the agents at their underaged sector. "would you mind if i redirected you to another agent instead?"

renjun then heard beeps, signalling that he's being redirected to another person. "yeah how long is this shit gonna take? huang renjun hates waiti-" "renjun? huang renjun from maths?" yes, renjun's an art student that ended up with math still being a chore to deal with.

the boy cluelessly nodded, still not recognizing the voice. "yah! it's lee jeno. eyesmile boy." "w-what are you even doing in a 119 hotline, jeno?" "i work here parttime. a relative practically dragged me here."

renjun decided to proceed to explaining his issues with his whole chest. "okay so i hardly see any cute date-worthy boys in school and now i'm here; how are you supposed to help me here, jeno?" "goddamn renjun, if you want a boy to fuck then you could've looked better." jeno says before laughing. "i personally know you anyways so i guess i can assist you in person." "we're not even friends and this is the first conversation we had; the fuck you mean you know me personally."

on the other side, jeno was pouting and his friends and fellow agents were laughing at him. "bitch he got you good." donghyuck mumbles while laughing. "shut up." "wait jen, isn't that the boy you keep ranting about?" another boy, jaemin, asks with a smirk.

"yeah, well, so what?" jeno says in a slightly ticked off manner. from a random room, they hear someone yell. "leE JENO I DIDN'T RAISE YOU TO BE A PUSSY; GO GET THAT DICK, BABY!" "tAEYONG-HYUNG, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" jeno yells back, cheeks red like strawberries as his fellow romance advisors laughed.

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