Chapter 3: A Trip To Diagon Alley

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hey, so thanks once again for having this in the What's hot list. And also, there's this certain person whom I know, whom I also regret being a friend of. This person is a close friend, or should I say was a good friend. *Sigh* too bad, this person took out all my patience.






Chapter 3: A Trip To Diagon Alley

The next day, Harley woke up early and wore her favorite jeans for her thought of a special occasion. "What's with you today?" Brittany mumbled grouchily and sleepily as she covered her head with another pillow. Harley ignored her since no one could ruin this wonderful day. At 8:30, she finished packing all her second hand books and all her clothes into the medium sized suit case. Everyone stared at the professor as they both went outside of the building. Professor Dumbledore still doesn't know how to hail a simple cab so Harley had to do all the muggle things. They kept on walking until Harley noticed Dumbledore swept to a little pub called Leaky Cauldron but no one else, besides them, noticed this little pub. When they entered, everyone inside fell silent. "Professor Dumbledore, what brings you here today?" a man behind the counter then gasped. "Is that young Harley Potter?" he gaped and so did the rest. He quickly got out of the back of the counter and shook her hand."The name's Tom, Ms. Potter. Met your brother here too when he came here." Soon, Harley shook hands with everyone. "Okay, okay, people. Yeah all got yer time with young Harley. She still needs ter buy her things for the term," a man twice the height of an average man approached the crowd. Harley's mouth hung open when the giant approached the two. "Professor, Harry sent an owl yesterday. He said we'll meet him at Gringotts," the man said and Harley's eyes glinted with excitement. "Thank you, Hagrid," Dumbledore said. He then looked at Harley, "Hagrid will take you to Diagon Alley," he said. "You're not going?" Harley asked. "I can't. I have a meeting to attend to in the ministry of magic. Now, move along, dear. Pip-pip, you'll have a busy day ahead of you,"

Meanwhile, at Gringotts, Harry Potter, along with his friends Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger were waiting. "Why are we here again?" Ron said as he paced back and forth while Harry and Hermione sat down in the waiting area's cushioned seats. "Why are you so impatient?" Hermione mocked Ron's tone as she took her eyes off her book and bore her gaze onto Ron. "I told you, Ron, we're meeting Hagrid and my long lost twin," Harry said. "Since when did you have a twin, Harry?" Hermione asked. "Yeah, since when did you have a twin?" Ron finally sat down next to Hermione. "Since I was born, I guess. Dumbledore sent me an owl explaining that I actually do have a twin," Harry said. Hermione and Ron looked at each other, probably doubting. "Well, let's see the letter then," Hermione said and Harry took out a piece of folded parchment and unfolded it.

After Harry read the letter, the three sat up straight in their seats. "Wow. Who knewDumbledorecan explain something like having a long lost twin in a letter?" Ronmarveled. "Look! There's Hagrid!" Hermione said as she pointed at a large man. "Hello, yeh three,"Hagridsaid as he approached them. "Hi, Hagrid," they replied. "Where's Harley?" Harry asked and a girl behind Hagrid appeared.

One cart ride to return back to the surface later and four dizzied heads came our of the cart followed by two Potters with two sacks filled with Galleons, Sickles and Knutz. "So, did you memorize?" Harry asked as they walked to out of the bank. "Yup. Gold Galleons, Silver Sickles and Bronze Knutz," she paused for a while, "And to never bring people who can get motion sickness faster than saying Gringotts," she said and Harry chuckled.

After Harry and Harley got most of the things required for the term, the one thing Harley needed to buy last was a wand. As Harry, Harley, Hagrid, Hemione and Ron entered Olivanders. Rows and rows of boxes as far as the eye could see. "Ah, Ms. Harley Potter, yes, yes. I was expecting you," and man said. "Ahh, yes Rubeus Hagrid, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasely and Harry Potter. How are you?" he said as he greeted the pthers. "Fine, Mr. Olivander," they chorused. "My, my. You look just like your beautiful mother. Except fo the eyes and hair color, those came from your handsome father. "I'm Mr. Olivander. Here for your wand, i presume?" he asked as he lifted Harley's right arm. "Is this your wand arm?" he asked. "I'm right handed, if you mean," harley said and then a funny looking tape measure started to measure in the craziest ways.

The stack of rejected wands grew and grew. Ron and Hermione went to look around the Alley and Hagrid went to the Leaky Cauldron for a small snack while Harry just stayed still on his stool. "You're more trickier than your brother," Mr. Olivander said as he looked for more wands. Harley sat next to Harry. "Why does everyone know my name?" she asked Harry. "Long story," Harry said. Harley stood up and looked around and when she saw a white box in the bottom of the shelf. She opened it and saw a white wand. Mr. Olivander dropped the rest of the boxes he was carrying and took the wand Harley held. "This wand has an unusual combination. This wand's wood is white because of one of the rarest trees even Muggles haven't discovered yet--- white mahogany. We couldn't cut the magnificent tree but my Grandfather got hit on the head with a fresh branch that fell. It's light and durable and he thought it would be a perfect material for wand making. One of the first wands he's made. The unicorn whose hair is the core was injured and was about to die. He was injured gravely when he went to my grandfather. He offered his tail and when it was too weak, it seemed like he was offering every thing else which could be used as a core for a wand. Grandfather hesitated but the unicorn gave out a snort as if saying it was okay and he wanted to be useful. And as the unicorn died, Grandfather took out a vial of his blood, heart string and a piece of his horn. The unicorn was buried promptly and Grandfather made the wand. For thousands and thousands of years, this 11 inched beauty was never taken home my anyone because it never chose anyone," he said and gave it back to Harley. "Give it a wave, dear," he instructed and as she waved it, sparks flew at the tip of the wand. "Magnificent! Such an uncanny combination yet a perfect pair. This wand is as strong and powerful as your brother's since it has more than one core," he said as he took it and wrapped it around old parchment. "May I keep the box of the wand as well, Mr. Olivander?" Harley asked and Mr. Olivander smiled. "Of course, dear. This wand was made the same time as your brother's was which makes it practically its sister," he said as he placed the wand in its box and gave it to Harley. "I expect great things from you, just like what I expect from your brother," he smiled at the young girl.

As they walked back to the Alley, Hermione went back to the Leaky cauldron because her father was waiting for her and Ron followed his father when he met up with him. That left Harry, Harley and Hagrid. "It's going to be your birthday soon, Harley, let me get yeh a present just like what I did for yer brother. An owl'll be good!" Hagrid said as he pulled Harry and Harley to a shop.

When they went out of the shop, Harley was now bringing a big cage with a snow-white owl. Hagrid offered to bring most of Harley's things because they were getting heavy. "Well, I better bring yeh to Dumbledore, you're starting your training tomorrow since you lost 2 years of Magic lessons," Hagrid said and Harley looked at Harry and smiled at Hagrid. "Actually, I'd like to meet my Aunt and Uncle," she said and Hagrid almost dropped everything he was holding. "Are yeh crazy?! Those Muggles are unbelievably mean! They treated Harry like garbage and if they know yeh's one witch, who knows what they'll do to yeh!" he boomed. "Hagrid, if I know Muggles correctly, they always try to act nice around other guests so they won't think they're berserk. I won't tell them I'm a witch and they'll be nice around me and I'll be nice to Harry and they won't try to get mad at him or treat him like rubbish if I'm there," she said and Hagrid thought about it. "I guess Dumbledore won't mind. But I'll bring yeh to them," he said and Harley gave him a hug. "Thanks, Hagrid but you won't mind if I leave my things for term with you, right? I don't want them to get suspicious," she asked and Hagrid agreed.

"Yeh know, I'm pretty sure both yer parents would be proud of yeh two," Hagrid said as he left Harley's suitcase and owl cage in front of the Dursley's house. And behind the thicket of mustache and beard, harry and Harley saw a smile. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, so yeh better wake up," he said to Harley and he drove off with his motorcycle.

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