Her most recent post has more than one hundred thousand comments. Song Chen couldn’t help but laugh. It’s rare for her to break one hundred thousand comments and it’s all because of this.

“Ding dong…”

“Ding dong…”

“Ding dong…”

The doorbell continued to ring. Song Chen slowly regained her thoughts, who would ring the doorbell at this hour?

Song Chen opened the door and saw Du Yu Shu anxiously standing there in her pajamas, “Song Chen! Why did you only open the door now!”

“Aren’t I opening the door right now?” Song Chen casually said, as if nothing was wrong. However, her face is very pale, giving Du Yu Shu quite a shock.

Du Yu Shu pushed through the door and poured a glass of hot water for Song Chen. She whispered, “Such a big matter happened, why didn’t you call me. You don’t have to carry all this by yourself. I’m telling you, there is no way someone is doing this behind. It hasn’t even been an hour and it had already spread like wildfire. Among these people, I don’t know how many are water navies*. Don’t worry too much.”

T/N: 水軍 Water navy: People who are paid to write/publish comments on the internet.

Du Yu Shu took a deep breath, “Did you contact the company?”

Du Yu Shu originally had a good night sleep. She doesn’t know what happened but she suddenly woke up, checked the time on her phone and went to the restroom. When she was scrolling through Weibo in the restroom and saw Song Chen on the hot search, all her sleepiness have disappeared.

When she confirmed that Song Chen did not give her a call, Du Yu Shu immediately ran out to the house next door. At this crucial moment, Song Chen needs someone to keep her company. It’s a sex scandal, it could ruin an actress’s career.

“I was abandoned.” The warmth the glass warmed her fingertips. Song Chen bitterly smiled in her heart but displayed a light and clear appearance on her face, ‘Shu Shu, don’t worry about this matter. Everything was premeditated, it is out of your control.”

"Just forget about it."

“Shut up!” Du Yu Shu coldly shouted, “Song Chen, look at yourself. How long have you been in the entertainment industry?! You’re acting like a newbie giving up without a fight! Are you trying to court death?!”

“We are all very clear what type of place the entertainment industry is. You have been in it for ten years, do you still not know?! Give up? Don’t even think about it!” Du Yu Shu coldly said. She really wants to pour a glass of water over her head, “Now tell me, did you ever take these types of the picture!”

“How could I ever do such a thing!” Song Chen calmed down and took a deep breath and strongly advised, “Shu Shu, don’t get involved with this matter otherwise you will be brought down with me. The company had already given up on me, I can’t even get in contact with my agent. Yun jie had been with me for nine years but she had already given up. Why are you so persistent?”

“I already know who is behind this. We can’t fight him so we should just forget it.”

“Who is it?” Du Yu Shu coldly said, “It doesn’t matter who did it! No one steps on my friend and gets away with it. If I don’t rip him to piece, my last name is not Du!”

“Song Chen,” Du Yu Shu let out a long sigh, “Is it Li Mo Qing?”

“The only person who is in conflict with you wants to harm and has the ability to get your company and your other friends to remain silent is Lishi Media’s young master, Li Mo Qing.”

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