ch 44 part 2

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“Yu Shu.”

“Ye Jing An.”

Their meeting was simple but unexpected.

On the stairs, he was going up, she was going down and suddenly encountered one another.

After a brief silence, Ye Jing An smiled. His eyes no longer had the mockery and ridicule from before but instead is replaced with gentleness, “Let’s talk, shall we?”


The panic she felt earlier when they bumped into one another instantly disappeared. They stared at each other as her heart calmed down.

What do you want to say, Ye Jing An?

Du Yu Shu faintly smiled and followed Ye Jing An upstairs in silence. Ye Jing An slowed down so they could walk shoulder to shoulder on the empty stairs.

Calm and peaceful, this is the atmosphere that they have not felt for a long time.

Ye Jing An’s room.

Du Yu Shu sat on a chair. Ye Jing An handed her a glass of water and then took out a phone from under the pillow. He opened Weibo and handed the phone to Du Yu Shu and softly said, “This is what I have hidden for many years. I have always wanted to say these things to you but couldn't."

Du Yu Shu took the phone and recognized that avatar and ID at a glance.

“Quiet Also Quiet”

What a familiar ID.

From the day Du Yu Shu created her Weibo account, the first person who sent her blessings was him.

Du Yu Shu was, for a moment, lost in a trance.

As if carrying this phone and seeing this Weibo account, she is brought back to the time when she was cautiously and secretly hiding her feelings.

What is she feeling at this moment?

Happy and amused.

They have always been stubbornly fighting as if only one of them could live. In the virtual world, they showed each other love and care as sweet as syrup.

But in the real world, she wasn’t willing to expose even a little of those feelings.

Why is the corner of her eyes misting over?

“Yu Shu.”

Du Yu Shu looked up at him and met his eyes filled with sincerity. She heard him slowly and firmly say, “I like you.”

“Can I give my life to you?”

Can I?

Du Yu Shu’s nose turned red. How can she refuse?

She had been looking forward to this day when Ye Jing An would like her.

In this world, what could be happier than knowing the person you like also like you back?

They stared at each other.

Du Yu Shu clenched the phone and whispered, “Why the sudden confession?”

Having been hurt and abused by him so long, Du Yu Shu is clearly familiar with Ye Jing An, but why did he suddenly confess?

“Because of this.” After hesitating for a while, Ye Jing An stretched out his hand, revealing a black phone.

A look of understanding crossed her eyes.

No wonder Ye Jing An suddenly chose to confess to her.

“Ye Jing An,” Du Yu Shu took a deep breath, “Don’t you remember what I said a few days ago. We broke up.”

The air was so silent that a pin drop could be heard.

Du Yu Shu didn’t bother with Ye Jing An’s expression. She slowly laughed, “I don’t want to answer your question.”

“Honestly speaking, you’ve never pursued me before right? If I let you succeed without doing anything, wouldn’t it be cheap?”

“I’m waiting for you to pursue me, Mr. Ye.”

Smiling, Du Yu Shu opened the door and left.

Ye Jing An looked after her and reveal a slight smile.

Since you want me to pursue you, then you must not regret it, Yu Shu.

They finished two episodes of the reality show. Because the program does not have enough time, they spent an entire day filming short video clips and photos with each and every one of the cast members. After filming three episodes, 《VHA》is preparing to air the show.

After the filming of the third episode, Du Yu Shu felt like she is living in despair.

She really felt like Ye Jing An ate the wrong medicine, she wants to kick him away every time she sees him.

These days, he has been too pampering. The crew members would always cast them unusual looks. Wang Jie would pull her away a couple of times to have a long chat with her. Fortunately, all her scenes were done filming yesterday so she was able to escape from the judging eyes of the crew members.

When she saw Song Chen yesterday, she was happily talking about Ye Jing An’s gossip.

Du Yu Shu gritted her teeth and narrowed her eyes. Ye Jing An’s recent suitors are really amazing, should she give them some rewards?

Friday, August 28, 8:30 p.m., Orange TV presents《VHA》’s first episode, hope to see you all there.

Du Yu Shu turned off her phone and hid in her house, ready to watch the premiere when the doorbell rang.

Could it be Song Chen? Du Yu Shu yawned and went to open the door.

Anyway, it can’t be Ye Jing An, he is still filming.

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