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The womb is the beginning, and the conclusion is zero

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The womb is the beginning, and the conclusion is zero.

This reality is broken.

Think of this reality, think of this world as the Level 0 of a massive, online multiplayer game.

Just think that you're LARPing in this Level 0 reality.

We are picking up loots, hacking and slashing minions and fighting bosses in dungeons, having random encounters with other players and NPCs, earning experience points. Everyone else in the fucking game is making this shitty game laggy, but you're just here to flex your obsidian armor set and blades of chaos.

The Level 0 is suitable for the anthropomorphous, configured in 3-dimensional visuals, gameplay is varying to each player (mostly in slums of idealized delusions), the main game running in an eschatological engine anachronistically moving towards the end and above the high-definition render, a picturesque galaxy decays.

This reality is like a program, a software. There wil be programming errors and glitches.

Our minds cannot adhere to the bugs and errors, but it will let us see that there's more to reality than the level we exist in.

And this game is noticeably garbage, with no cheat codes for flawless gameplay and you can never disconnect.

We are forced to play until the controllers cease to function and our screens turn to blue. Through the headphones, you'll hear the bellowing howls of anarchy. The red texts stretched before us, an aphorism for all players.


Driven insane by zero.

After that, you'll be online to play Level 1.

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