"𝖑𝖊𝖙'𝖘 𝖕𝖚𝖙 𝖔𝖓 𝖆 𝖘𝖍𝖔𝖜." | 𝖓𝖆𝖒𝖏𝖎𝖓

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all namjoon could feel was seokjin's sturdy chest against his back as he was guided along the wooden floor beneath his bare feet. there was a thick blindfold over his eyes, shielding out whatever light or major details that would clue to where he was being led.

his other senses were no use either as he couldn't hear much but the muffled sound of chatter, the traditional classical music the exclusive bdsm club played all night, and seokjin's dress shoes as they chattered against the hardwood floor.

his dominant still had yet to reveal where he was taking him. when namjoon questioned the blindfold only mintues earlier, seokjin only gave him a sweet smile and told him not to fret, and only trust him. he didn't have any second thoughts as he pulled the blindfold over his eyes.

now, he was questioning his decision as their pace finally came to halt and seokjin shifted behind him. he was confused until he felt the familiar ring painted hands on his waist tug at the silver zipper of the leather shorts that exposed his back side all the way up to his scrotum.

he felt his cheeks blossom red as he felt the cold gust of air brush against his hole, but he didn't dare question what his master was doing. namjoon felt seokjin's warm breathe ghost against his hole before he was roughly rearranged so quickly he almost didn't catch himself before he fell forward.

namjoon grasped onto what felt like a chair as his upper half was pushed down until he was bent perfectly with his hole exposed to whatever was behind him. he could feel seokjin's reassuring hands on his cheeks, his long fingers kneading into the flesh.

suddenly, there was a quick slap to his right cheek, hard enough to sting afterwards even as seokjin gave it a soothing rub. he let out a surprised cry at the pain, then gave a shameless whimper as the pleasure slowly flowed down his spine.

"it's alright, baby. good boy, my good, sweet, precious boy that would do anything for his master, right?" seokjin's voice appeared for the first time since before he put on the blindfold. namjoon didn't realize how much he craved it until he heard it and a blanket of comfort draped over him and his tense shoulders relaxed.

seokjin must have noticed because he spoke again, his tone light and sweet, "yes, you're safe with me, my baby. no need to be so tense. just relax, okay?"

namjoon gave a moment to ponder over his words before he gave a nod that he hoped wasn't as stiff as it felt. it must not have been because seokjin gave a pleased hum, no words needed to be spoken between them. it's like they developed a sixth sense for each other, easily able to tell when the other was stressed or uncomfortable, or any other negative emotion that would overcome them.

seconds later, there was a rustle of clothing behind him, them the sound of something opening before a cold liquid met with his backside. he gave a shiver at the unexpected feeling but didn't move away from it. he only moved his hips back against those fingers that rubbed into what was most likely lube before they intruded his body.

namjoon was still loose from their playing around earlier, but seokjin still liked to be extra careful if he wasn't in the mood to be rough with him, which he definitely wasn't right now because of how sweet and gentle he was acting. it surprised namjoon but he wasn't complaining.

namjoon released small sounds as seokjin slowly but surely stretched his hole, his long fingers reaching places he never could. this went on for about five more minutes before seokjin stopped and took out his fingers, then maneuvered them around until he was seated on the chair with his fiancée in his lap, his back against his front.

as seokjin's hand lowered him down until his thighs were almost flush against the other's, namjoon could feel the familiar heat and shape of seokjin's cock at his hole. he bit back a sound he desperately wanted to let out, but he wanted to savoir the moment.

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